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  1. I'm drinking Tito's milk and Kalhua. What's that called these days?
  2. Sins of the Fathers... That was a system that doesnt prosper right? No pre existing infrastructure, no resupply, and no edible environment. So they all die off. Somewhere between 400 and 2000 people isn't a total dead end bottleneck probably, if you ve got a knowledge of genetics, resources, and artificial wombs but in a limited resource alien environment, it doesn't look good. I think there s mitochondrial dna evidence or something that our ancestors were down to 1000 or so at the lowest but that was in a native biosphere. Hell Filip on his own might outlast Beta.
  3. In her tower too or just on the plateau? Im going to finish the manor then the Capitol. Though radahns castle was way amticlimactic. Ended up there first time from a teleported and got stomped. Came back for my runes and left for a long time. When I came back after prompting from the Ranni quests there was basically no one defending the place,no mini bosses, and a bunch of locked doors.
  4. That's it. I'm running Azur +9 and only found Lusat's recently. Heard that about the meteor staff, that you still get the bonus off hand. Even went with that plan fighting the road dragon in Caelid, since I was on horseback the whole time and shield didnt much matter. Should probably test it out on the giants dragging the wagons. Why they can't have draft horses or oxen makes me wonder. Maybe the previous eden wasn't all that great for the little people.
  5. There was a TOS episode in either season 2 or the back half of season 1 that had something along those lines. Who knows if that's what they were referencing, star trek is bound to have inconsistencies at this point. I'm just pissed that season three moved from Prime to Paramount before I finished watching all of TOS. So there's somewhere between 3-10 eps of TOS I've probably never seen. I really enjoyed S1 and S2, partly because of the seeds that grew, and party because 50 years later, you could only make maybe a third of those episodes. Some because dramatically they kind of suck, but more because what's acceptable has changed. Sure Omega Glory kind of sucked, and Bread and Circuses was too obvious, but there was a certain optimism that is too passe these days. Also, if threatened by the Gorn, please walk to the nearest exit.
  6. twitter aggressively polices fake news, so its got to be truthy, at a minimum. Otherwise he'd have gotten the ban hammer.
  7. There are at least three staves besides Meteor that have S scaling once they hit +6 or so. Azur's, I think, boosts damage for everything, at a FP premium. The Crystal staff boosts crystal only, and I'm using whatever glinstone staff gives faster casting time. But at +7 or so, each better than Meteor, except maybe for the gravity spell boost with rock sling. Assuming you have the somber stones sitting around, going to +9 is going to cost something less than a level. Havent actually found a dragon stone yet, so +9 is where I'm maxed on those. Not sure if I have Loretta's bow or not. If it's a spell I probably have it, but if its a weapon, I've been using the horn bow. Though now that I've found an ash that gives magic to a bow, a regular long bow with INT scaling added is probably better. Going to have to look at the ashes and pulley bow next time I play. There were a couple of spots in the other underground city where you could start really satisfying chain reactions. Probably not the worst place to farm either, depending on your level.
  8. I was thinking of the monorail episode of the Simpsons, so facetious to be sure. Though a few miles a day is still moving forward. Probably not worth the trade off of going hybrid, but in a total breakdown of supply, that would still have have value.
  9. Sounds like you want free will for yourself, and that you'll be bestowed with some sort of individual greatness. Which would impair everyone else's free will. I don't think free will and romanticism are necessarily in conflict, but your formulation seems self centered. Or if you're not talking about your own self specifically, maybe we're closer on this. Free will seems to me to have an inherently progressive bias (though not speaking in the current political sense). People decide to improve their own circumstance. I know there's a school of thought that says that no one has free will, but really, are Rick Astley and fission both just bound to happen from pre set conditions?
  10. My hair has been doing weird things. I was joking last week about ironing my head, but maybe there's something to that? Basically I want to brush it to one side, but both sides seem to want to bend towards the top. So it bunches up on the left side. If I put some gel it in it behaves enough, but it still drives me nuts. Started growing my hair longer (2-3X as long as in my av picture, not actually long). And then I got one bad haircut where he went too close too high on the left, and it's never pointed the right way since. At least I have hair, I suppose.
  11. I would think that countries that are worried about EMP would favor mechanical control systems, but there's a likelihood that Russian procurement is even more corrupt than the US. Heard at least one report a week or to ago that the Russian convoy on its way to Kiev was having fuel shortages. Which could be a real bitch in a war zone. How do you refuel the front on a road with with 20 miles of vehicles out of gas and blocking the way? I think the Russians should have equipped their invasion vehicles with solar power.
  12. Eh. It's not like anyone on either side thinks he's actually sincere here right? I vaguely remember hearing that Mr. O'Rourke was also "no longer coming for your guns". I guess there's some utility in convincing the disenganged that if they do get engaged you're a moderate, but it's a mid term election. Any half way decent election official can find more votes in his trunk than you'd win by bullshitting the unengaged.
  13. @Week If the thread title is a Frank Drebbin shoutout, I approve.
  14. Most every time Trubisky comes up, I think of my friend Henry who mocked the Dolphins taking Tua as the worst pick of all time. He's a Bears fan. Hell of a trade up that was... Still, the Steelers should be OK to good with Trubisky next year. In Bears talk, didn't they win a couple playoff games with Rex Grossman? In Trubisky, they basically paid replacement level prices for a top 30 QB, I think. They're going to live or die by their defense. Though I would prefer to watch that bitchy little helmet swinger go 4-13 next year.
  15. The underground city? I forget the actual name, but that's not quite it. Both of the underground cities I found helpful as far as making progress goes. Was stuck for about 30 levels with the same Meteor Staff and +5 Moonveil. Finishing them and Selia really helped in a non grinding way. Trying to get used to the Dark Moon Greatsword, not sure I like it better than Moonveil. At +8 it hits about 100 points harder for me than +9 moonveil, but I think it's slower, and I'm also not comfortable with the attacks yet. And I hardly ever use the skills. Had a Carian shield with the magic parry buff that gives glintstone arrows when you parry, and that seems like it has broader utility since it can also still regular parry. IDK what do you guys think? Seems like a lot of us are running INT builds. Want to start another game, with online enabled now that the servers are I assume all working. I've almost always played Souls as a light flippy roll everywhere character. Thinking about either a high STR/END or high DEX/END build. Possibly better for PvP as well, though I prefer co-op. But it's got to be a radically different game with a great shield and the fat roll. Or even overloaded but on horseback... And let's talk favorite weapons. Moonveil is fantastic for my build, but if INT is your dump stat, what do you guys like?
  16. Yes. Go to the spot the painting is painted from and a ghost shows up and drops a reward.
  17. Sellia helped all of my stuck points. Access the dragon barrow, high magic resistance item, and the limiting crafting item for curing scarlet rot. Been trying to get into the area below the erdtree. Died way too often on the way down and got curb stomped when I fianally made it down the first tine.
  18. I finished both Rivers and underground cities. Huge amount of progress because I've not only be rounding out my build to make me less fragile, I also finally got +6 thru 9 somber stones. So I have graduated from the Meteor Staff finally. I went with Azur's Glintstone. A little less powerful than the Crystal staff, but Azur is supposed to give faster casting time. After finishing everything in the Lake of Rot but the mini bosses you need to catch scarlet rot in order to trigger (I'll come back later assuming I'll have higher resistance, or a bigger supply of the appropriate bolus), I've just been bouncing around the map cleaning up stuff that had me stuck before. Knocking the markers off my map that I put down to come back to later. And that Crucible Knight in the Stormland Evergaol, only 2100 runes? He killed me so many times. Lhutel at +10 is a big help. Might go take another crack at the 2 gargoyles myself tomorrow. And now that the shack guy told me what to do in Sellia, probably there next. Haven't tried the capitol yet. Sounds like if I run past that dragon in the Altus Plateau I'll find my way there eventually. Still haven't found the second half of the amulet to the Dectus lift, just know that it's in Fort Something far to the east, which I assume means the upper bit of Caelum somewhere. Sprinted past the dragon on the bridge and cruised around looking for bonfires, managed to loot a sliver of meat from the middle of a pond before I got killed. Sweet. Or there's the dragons after you come up from the Lake of Rot, but those guys are killing me good right now too. Put a dent in the Glintstone one, maybe go back at him again since I picked up 5 or 6 levels since then. Any tips for the Glintstone dragon? I was sniping it from behind a rock ridge while Lhutel went full frontal assault, but it's hard to see the big sweep attack coming from there, and that one goes through rock.
  19. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/ukrainian-president-zelenskiy-holding-talks-with-biden-adviser-says-2021-12-09/ There's a NYT article that talks about intelligence sharing with China in regards to stopping a war in Ukraine, but it's behind the paywall, though either you connect the dots of the US ratcheting up the pro-war rhetoric over the past several weeks and months, or you don't. Lindsay Graham says someone should assassinate Putin. (To her credit, Ilhan Omar had the correct response to that.) Poland is going to send Migs to Ukraine, according to Rubio and Blinken, though not Poland. We have a full court press Two Minutes Hate in the media, cancelling Russian chess players, opera singers, athletes and even cat breeds. (Kind of amazed no one is tearing down any statues of Lenin yet.) There's a lot of narrative manipulation going on in the US, and it's all leading to escalation. If Biden really wanted to defang Putin, he could reverse course and make the US an energy exporter. Insufficient opportunity for graft there though relative to negotiating for Iranian or Venzuelan oil, I suspect.
  20. Blinken and Rubio were floating the Mig story over the weekend. Considering that US intelligence was also telling China a few months back that Ukraine was a shoo-in for NATO membership, presumably expecting that to be shared with Putin, and probably instigating the whole invasion, this was probably another attempt by the US government to escalate things and get the war machine up and running again. Seems to me Poland is essentially saying here "This is a crazy idea and escalation. If the US wants to escalate things, then the US can escalate things yourselves. We're not going to be your patsy." Considering how Covid is over (or at least way back burnered) and it's mostly Ukraine in the news now, I expect that they're just chipping away at us all with the media so that it won't seem like such a big step once the US commits forces. I hope I'm wrong, but when you've got executive branch, senate and the intelligence deep state all working in conjuction with media, that's probably bad for the regular folks, and we're going to somehow end up involved in a war ourselves. You really can't beat that sort of emergency power, amiright?
  21. I'm currently running with Rock Sling, Ambush Shard, and swapped out Glintstone Pebble for fast Glintstone or something, I forget the name but the Great and Powerful Turtle sells it. Seems to cast faster, does about 2/3 the damage of GP and with about half the casting cost. As far as I can tell the range is basically the same, but I only tested it out on some low level enemies. I also have two empty casting slots. I'd rather cycle faster through those three than add more junk. So I hear you. Give Ambush Shard a look. It's great against those big flaming heads, and can be used for super cheese, since as long as you're in range and locked on, you can take cover and hit stuff that can't hit you. Well worth the extra FP cost, situationally.
  22. I could be wrong, but I think alterations are cosmetic only. I found one piece of altered armor and that one at least had the same stats as the base piece as far as I saw. That being said, everyone go check your armor. I had an Imp Helmet (Cat) that I hate the look of, but put it on sometimes when I was trying to optimize a resistance. Noticed today it also gave +5 INT, so I'm going to wear it regardless. That's a big fucking deal. I even have a piece of commoner garb that gives +1 Faith. So just take a quick run through all the armor pieces. I did look up where the Meteor Staff was, turns out I already had found the Rock Sling spell on my own, but didn't want to hang around that area once I got the underground chest. I was building stats towards getting the Uchigatana, and then found Moonveil. That was an immense power-up for an INT build, only needed to add +1 to STR and DEX to wield it, and hadn't used any somber stones yet so instant +5. Way better than Magic Short Sword +7! I am having trouble with the skills from the Ashes of War. Playing on XBox. I have a shield with an Ash that works when I LT, but as far as I can tell, the right hand weapon still just has the regular strong attack with RT. How are they supposed to work?
  23. That Smith I found. As it turns out, i didn't have enough lvl 1 stones to get my magic shortsword to +3, and didn't have my +3 staff equipped, so I mistakenly thought he was limited like the smithing bench in the first area. Oops.
  24. Yeah, the jellyfish is surprisingly useful. I mean no one ever suspects the jellyfish. Was using the 5 nobles mob ash and the summons at first, but he was taking out the mob all at once, so I went jellyfish and much easier. Is it like the previous games where if you use a summon sign for a boss battle, the boss gets somewhat tougher? Because when I beat Margit I didn't bother bringing in the sorcerer. I went around the back first, you can get in, but you can only access a couple of rooms with no encounters. I assume the locked door is the exit from the final boss in the castle. Took me a while to figure out a couple of very basic things. Not sure how long I spent running around with only 4 flask charges at +0 before I tried upgrading a second time. Oops. No idea where I picked up the Golden Seed and the other item. Happened to notice a tiny erdtree in the storm plains I'd ridden by about a dozen times and said, wait a minute... So that's what to look for for seeds. Does the cost start to scale? Found another seed but it isn't letting me upgrade. Also, was used to titanite shards, chunks etc progression. So I'm wandering around looking for smithing stones and see Smithing Stone (2) X 1. Sweet, two stones! Upgrade time. Except that I haven't found the smith yet who can upgrade past plus 3 three yet, so every time I find lvl 2 or even 3 stones, my rage meter goes up a little more. Running an Astrologer, so got my staff to +3, and my magic short sword to +2. Then found the Demi-human queen staff, which is marginally better at +0 than my base staff at +3, but I don't have the stones to upgrade it, even if the guy at the Roundtable seems able to. Trying to stay unspoiled, but apparently I need to explore that crystal cave full of whoop ass more, since I'm going with an INT build.
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