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  1. Been waiting for that dragon ride seems like forever...yes, it wasn't 'big screen' effects and it didn't go down exactly like the books but we saw a Targaryen ride a dragon! (which is exactly what Tyrion was thinking at the time too)
  2. I hate the idea of Shireen burning, but honestly, it has been foreshadowed in both the show and the book...it came as no surprise...the surprise was Selyse finally showing a bit of mother's love....THAT shocked me.
  3. I agree....I've never liked or trusted Stannis and this is totally in keeping with his character. You could see this coming a mile away. The showrunners did an excellent job of humanizing him for the last few seasons and that is why it seemed so shocking....Stannis would order anyone burnt that he felt would get him the IT....(and has) He shadowbabied his own brother and was going to burn Edric...and did burn and shadowbaby others....He is not a good guy. (it still shocked and appalled my show-only hubby, even though I warned him it would probably happen....he wants Stannis to die horribly and painfully now) I gave the episode an 8. It fell short of Hardhome and the Pit was a bit confusing with the SotH killing everyone in attendance. (what was up with that by the way?) But finally seeing Dany take wing was great and Tyrion's expression priceless. I'm glad Ser Friendzone got a bit of redemption...I like ShowJorah better than BookJorah mainly because I really like Iain Glen. Dorne??....meh....It's Dorne. (book Dorne leaves me flat too) Big set up for Arya and it will probably go down like the Mercy chapter did. I hope Jon sends Sam and Gilly south before the FTW. I see a scene like between Jon and Robb as Jon was leaving Winterfell... All in all, a strong episode...not the best, but sound. edited for spelling and grammar
  4. The storm is centered over Winterfell...Castle Black and the area around the Wall aren't getting the same weather, even though they are further north. (spooky magic book storm)
  5. First 10 ever for me. * Sam..."Jon always comes back." Definite nod to us book readers in my opinion * Screaming at the TV when Jon was scrabbling for the dragonglass..."get Longclaw!!...get Longclaw!! (my 'show only' hubby was shocked...I never yell at the TV...ever) * ....and a big YESSSS when Longclaw shattered the WW (I knew it...I knew it!) * Thought for a minute that we had a 'Val'...loved the Karsi character * An Ice Spider shout out....maybe...hoping...maybe * King Crow (enough said) * that LOOK that the NK gave Jon...he knows who and what he is. * for a totally fictitious scene from totally fictitious world...Hardhome worked * NO DORNE! * Cersei licking the floor...how the mighty have fallen...Lena did a marvelous job. * slimy little Qyburn noting the his work was proceeding...yep, FrankenGregor is a'coming * Lanna of the Canals...well, I wish it was Cat (and can't figure out why it isn't...but loved the scene) * Sansa finding out her brothers live...Theon starting to humanize again just a little. (she may be the 'girl in grey' at the close of this season fleeing a marriage...bet she thinks the boys went to Jon) * Finally,something happening in Mereen * Dinklage said more with his eyes than a whole room full of Sand Snakes boasting and stripping. * NO DORNE (did I say that already???) Yep, this was a winner.
  6. I gave it a 9 First of all, I'm not comparing it to the books...I quit doing that some time ago. I'm treating this as sanctioned fan fiction. Acting was great...loved the Bolton Family Dinner! The Wall was wonderful Tyrion finally gets to see a dragon! He's waited all his life and never dreamed it would actually happen. Combining Valyria and the Sorrows didn't really bother me although, I would have enjoyed seeing the sea boil a bit. No Kings Landing and no Dorne this week was a bonus. I understand why there's no Arya this week...she's just about run out of material too. All in all, it was a good episode...I don't really care what they do in Mereen as long as Dany takes her ride at the end. I'm going to miss Ser Grandfather though.
  7. I gave it a 9 Personally, I'm glad the show is parting from the books, even thought the ultimate end is supposed to be the same. I like the element of surprise. After a couple of lackluster episodes, I was fully invested in this one. I'm no longer comparing them, although I do appreciate nods to significant book scenes. (I was hoping for "Edd, fetch me a block though"...) Jonathan Pryce will make an awesome High Sparrow...one of the best casting decisions of the series. (Charles Dance was another) House of Black and White was sufficiently creepy and even though we didn't get Arya's internal monologue as she was contemplating giving up Needle, Masie made the scene work well. Pod/Brienne time was better and it looks like they have a purpose now. The whole Winterfell section was unsettling...but I really think that LF has something up his sleeve....Just 'giving' Sansa away is not in his character and I think he has something else planned. His whole arc is to have Sansa for himself and just selling her for no reason isn't making sense. There's something else going on and I'm anxious to see how it plays out. The Wall was great and like others, I think Olly is probably going to be the 'For the Watch', character. Maester Aemon not feeling well is probably not a good sign and I can see him meeting his end at the Wall instead of on a boat. Cutting out some of the long 'travelogues' helps keep the tv series manageable. Tyrion meeting up with Jorah was unexpected and welcome, although it was a bit of a stretch that Varys of all people lost him. Their journey together to Mereen was important, so I hope some form of that remains...and the Red Priest being a Red Preistess (and a hot one) was interesting too. All in all, I'm happy as I think the show is developing its own personality.
  8. All of the plotlines are so scattered that you just get glimpses into each story. There is so much material and what stays and what goes must be hard decisions. I gave it an 8 (actually about a 7 1/2) My non-book reader husband didn't like it at all. I liked the Wall and the Jon/Stannis interaction, but the close election didn't win me over at all. Lyanna Mormont's letter was a good thing though. Sam roasting Janos Slynt was the best speech of the night! I liked Shireen and Gilly together too. Tyrion and Varys are always good, but they could have used that screen time to show us some Sand Snakes. We get it that Tyrion is in the process of drinking himself to death and doesn't care. Liked the Braavos scenes and the HoB&W...just wish there were more. Pod and Brienne are going to have to come up with a plan. I liked Jamie and Bron and can see where this journey could be interesting. Small Council and Kevan's speech was great too. All in all, entertaining, but it did seem like the Intro Episode v.2
  9. I gave it a 9...the show itself was worth an 8, but I was just so happy that the new season is here, I bumped it up a notch. The book is the book, the show is the show... and once you can get your head around that, it is easy to enjoy this alternate look into the world of Westeros/Essos. Things I liked Young Cersei...I hop we see her again...she was spot-on Tyrion/Varys...they'll make for an interesting arc. Tyrion is drinking himself to Mereen, so we'll still feel his despair. The Wall Dany's grown up dragons And I'm actually warming up to Darrio....(didn't think it was possible...don't like bookDarrio either) What I didn't like Pod and Brienne...looked like they just grabbed some footage from S4 and wove it in Sweetrobin 'training'....(shudders) The whole thing felt rushed.
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