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  1. I gave it a 3. :ack: Just awful. The writing has degenerated into juvenile fan fiction. I'm done with GoT until I've read all the books. Go George go! :read: :read: :read: :read: :read: :read: :read:
  2. Sure ... unless you are literate. :read: Definitely the best episode this season though, I gave it a 7. Unfortunately: The writers "don't give two shits" about "what the fuck are you looking at" (or listen to) -- this 21st c. dialogue is appalling. :bs: Sam basically told Olly to shank Jon if he feels what he is doing is right... :uhoh: Hardhome was exciting, but far too much revealed about the Others -- and the skeletal, supercharged zombies are cheesy and far less creepy than the slow, shambling fleshed dead. :fencing: It really didn't take much for Reek to admit that he didn't kill Bran and Rickon. :dunno: Edit: Also, no "dead things in the water"... :frown5:
  3. :agree: Exactly! The writing has gone to shit. I gave it a 6.
  4. I think Lady Ollena sums it up well... "You can smell the shit five miles away." I give it a four. The writing is awful so far this season and has veered sharply into puerile fan-fiction of 'cock merchants'. The Dorne subplot is a mummer's farce. Littlefinger is uncharacteristically reckless and stupid, and Sansa's rape is used as a prop for Theon 'redemption'. Fuck Theon! D&D have jumped the snark (and the grumpkin) this season. I'm done with GoT after this season until I read the books -- I, for one, don't want the ending spoiled by this travesty. :ack:
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