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  1. Frederic_ed

    Cersei's role in season 8 and KL's possible destruction

    I think you guys are giving too much credit to the show, if it happens in the books it may lead somewhere, but in the show... Im not that certain. I think they only included the Mad King's flashback in order to give viewers a remainder of how that happened and also to remind them about the wildfire hidden beneath the city so the destruction of Sept of Baelor wouldn't look like a deus ex machina.
  2. I've heard that George complained about the show cutting the other Tyrell brothers, as it seems like one of them will have an important role in the story going forward. I think the Tyrell brother George talks about will be the one to command House Tyrell once the other important Tyrells are killed (Margeary, Loras, Mace). It seems the show gave this role to the QOT. If the spoilers are right and Randyll Tarly ends up betraying the Tyrells, the end of the House would be the same in both books and show.
  3. C'mon, he will finish at least TWOW
  4. Frederic_ed

    Cersei's role in season 8 and KL's possible destruction

    She will be in season 8, Lena Headey signed her contract until the final season. But that's pretty much what I think will happen (only that I think it will happen in the final season). Once the WW are defeated and everybody marches towards King's Landing she might decide to burn the whole city before surrendering it, thus being a parallel to Saruman from LOTR.
  5. I actually liked Quentyn's plot and found his ending fitting to the story. In the other hand, Brienne's chapters in AFFC were a complete drag. Arianne's and Areo's chapters were just insufferable. I can live with Victarion's.
  6. Thanks to the leaked spoilers we pretty much know what will happen in season 7. One of the things that caught my attention is the fact that Cersei will survive season 7 and that the war for the iron throne will be kind of "paused" while everyone (but Cersei and Euron) deal with the WW. These rises a few questions. First of all, how will the KL's plot be resolved in season 8? I think leaving the war for the throne in stand-by is too big for D&D to have made up, it must come from the books. So... does that mean that Cersei will be dealt with AFTER the white walkers are taken care of? Then I remembered LOTR and the fact that it's one of George R. R. Martin's favorite books. Remember the Scouring of the Shire? In the LOTR books, after Sauron is defeated the hobbits return to the Shire and find out it has been wrecked by Saruman (this was cut from the films). So, could George give an ending in which everyone returns to King's Landing after defeating the Others and Cersei destroys the city? It would be a fitting homage to Tolkien and would give us the "bittersweet ending" George has talked about. That was just an idea, even if that doesn't happen, there must be some significance to the fact that everyone is going to focus on the war in the north and leaving Cersei for later. How will that be solved? If Jon and/or Daenerys die while fightning the Others, then Sansa could very well be the young more beautiful queen who will cast Cersei down. Anyway, my big point is that the KL's plot has to be resolved and it seems that it will be left unresolved while everyone takes care of the WW. Any thoughts on it?
  7. Maybe LSH kills Littlefinger in the books (in addition to the Freys), maybe she does something else that will be done by Beric in the show, that might be the extent of her book plot (which is still very important: killing the Freys, killing Littlefinger and something else replaced by Beric)
  8. I think the actress confirmed Mel's age years ago, when she was first cast and said something like "I'm a witch many hundred years old"
  9. So as we know, George told David and Dan how the story will end. We also know they have streamlined the story and chopped off many characters and storylines, but they still will get to the same ending as the books'. So, we can certainly imply some future events from the books by looking at the show. I'm not only talking about little events, like Jon's resurrection or Shireen's burning, but major events. Anyway I think some of the main events are (includes season 7 spoilers): Vary's plan (i.e. Aegon) will eventually fail. Doran's plan will eventually fail (Arianne might marry Aegon in the books, so these two plots could merge, anyway they will both fail). Littlefinger's plan will eventually fail. The Boltons will be eliminated (by Stannis or Jon, it doesn't matter, the point is that they will all die). Stannis will ultimately die (he might defeat the Boltons in the books, though, but in the end he will die). Sansa and the Vale army will eventually go north. All (more likely most) of the Freys will die in some kind of celebration or feast at the Twins (probably killed by Lady Stoneheart, although could be someone else's doing) Jon will eventually become King in the North (in the show it didn't make a lot of sense, but in the books George left a clear way for this to happen: Robb's will) Cersei will eventually become queen of Westeros after some kind of massive killing that might involve wildfire (this was already hinted in the old sketch of the plot that George wrote in the nineties, the part that said that the Lannister antagonist was going to become king "by the simple expedient of killing everyone ahead of him in the line of succession") The Tyrells will eventually die (at least the most important ones) Randyll Tarly will eventually betray the Tyrells (he was already described as dangerous in the epilogue of ADWD). Anyway, what do you think? Are there other main events we can imply from the show?