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  1. Speak for yourself? Ofc that's what I'm doing and that's precisely the reason for this thread. No need to do backseat modding. Curious what would be your arguments for ADWD ahead of original Trilogy.
  2. I've always believed that during ACOK pretty much everything was still on the table (plotwise), and it made for a thrilling and very immersive read. I was so excited to see all the army movements, characters traversing Westeros with important tasks, political meanderings of Tyrion and co. in King's Landing. So many scenarios seemed plausible at the time. Just to give a couple examples off the top of my head: how will Greyjoy invasion affect Robb's plans, what lies beyond The Wall, will Tyrion uncover who was responsible for Jon Arryn's death, or who sent the assassin to Bran's bedroom, what are Stannis next moves, what is this guy's all about, is Theon really capable of taking Winterfell, is it even possible to stop Renly Baratheon with his ATG armies, are we going to see what Martells and/or Arryns are really cooking, etc. The possibilities were endless, and at the time I fully trusted GRRM that his plot will ultimately be the most consistent, thought-out and satisfying. I think all the setup in AGOT was storytelling masterpiece, and I loved how logic and "cause and consequence" were Martin's only commandments. And I still vividly remember all that looking at maps, drawing possible outcomes in my mind, paying attention to every detail, and then being "rewarded" with GRRM delivery. Especially during ACOK. I think the first time I really doubted him came at the very end of the book, when Stannis ultimately lost Battle of Blackwater. That time I was really blindsided by the author and almost outraged because, according to my understanding, it was extremely unlikely for Lannister forces to catch up with Mace, strike a deal and then catch Stannis by surprise. I think it was my very first post on this forum, how I considered Tyrell and Lannister counterattack sort of deus ex machina. But, up until that moment, I thought GRRM will never, ever pick favorites, he'll never grant any character a plot shield... and that ultimately the wittiest (Varys, Tywin), the most intriguing (Sandor, Qyburn, Marwyn) and most complex characters (Stannis, Tyrion, Brienne, Jaime etc.) will be the "center" of the story. (The names are just examples, alright?) BUT! If ACOK is 99% on Martin's scale, ASOS is almost as good (but for different reasons), say 97-98 points, with AGOT a lil' bit behind.
  3. The series was at its best in A Clash of Kings and it's impossible to reach those heights again.
  4. D: We kinda wanted to show Dany as an empowered woman and nudity sorta undermines it... D: ...also, we'de get a lotta heat for showing naked Dany *riding* ANYTHING, huhuhuh D: YYeah! Yeah, yea, heh, hehheh, hehhe, hehheheh (the crowd goes bananas) Why did you show Tommen's suicide in a way it's bound to be ridiculed for weeks if not months?
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