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  1. Lyanna died because she gave birth to THREE babies, each with a different father. Daenerys was fathered by Rhaegar, Jon was fathered by Benjen, and Meera was fathered by Howland. Lyanna was a little ho. Also a cat.
  2. Sorry to spoil it for you, but at least we don't know WHEN it will happen, and I think we were all kind of hoping for a bad end for Euron anyway.
  3. "Missing Euron's Golden Drowning" and "Lady Dustin Conspires with Eddard's Bones Against Roose".
  4. The theory that Euron is going to be drowned by Aeron's urine got a big boost when I did a search for the thread about it and found out that Euron is a brand name of urine receptacles.
  5. While trying to find my thread about the Euron's Golden Drowning theory, as soon as I typed the U after "Euron" my browser filled in EURON URINE COLLECTION PACK. Euron is the name of a company that specializes in medical supplies for the incontinent. So my explanation for why there is so much talk about drowning, kinslaying, and pissing in that strange AFFC chapter doesn't seem so silly now, huh? I bet GRRM knows an incontinent person, saw that brand name on some urine pads, and thought that would be the perfect name for his evil pirate who is drowned by his brothers piss. I think this also may imply that Euron was the first Greyjoy character he came up with and the other names ending with "on" were chosen to mask the source of Eurons name. He probably never anticipated anyone guessing his theory and googling the characters name, especially as this means he came up with the idea before there even was a Google. In the mid nineties he probably thought only a few people would recognize the name "Euron" and those few who did and read his books would be too embarrassed to admit they knew that.
  6. I was watching old cartoons the other night and I am pretty sure that the character of Daenerys is based on Denver, the Last Dinosaur.
  7. In many cities and towns in the Southwest, there is an "Indian School Road" (or Trail, or Avenue, etc.).  Those are referring to the system that Pratt started. Although, to play devil's advocate, the descendants of the children put through the Indian school system are, on average, doing much better financially than the natives who are part of the reservation system…but many, if not most, aren't even aware of their ancestry and it doesn't turn up until they start digging through old records or get their DNA screened.
  8. I was looking at the discography of Marillion and it seems they have a lot of song and album titles that seem very relevant to the ASoIaF series... Seasons End - obvious Afraid of Sunlight  - Others/Cave CotF   Script for a Jester's Tear - multiple sad jesters   Freaks - it rhymes with reek! Man of a Thousand Faces  - Faceless men   Alone in the Lap of Luxury - numerous lonely rich characters   Sugar Mice - the Rat Cook!   Cover my Eyes (Pain and Heaven) - Oberyn/Marillion
  9. Interesting possible historical reference, at least some similar names connected in interesting ways. I saw that there was a Queen Melisende of Jerusalem, so I skimmed her Wikipedia article to see if there were any similarities to Melisandre. Other than being a powerful woman who was able to manipulate men to do her bidding, there wasn't much…except her son ended up marrying Agnes of Courtenay. Which is very similar to the name of a person one of Melisandre's "sons" encountered, though not to marry.
  10. Only if there is some other connection besides a not-uncommon name. Any of them socialists? Futurists? I know Wells was into free love and the Dornish seem more sexually liberated than most of Westeros, but I don't think that's enough...what are their sigils?
  11. I wonder if this one has been found before. This is from Theon I from TWoW, so I'm going to try to put this in spoilers (though it doesn't spoil anything)...
  12. I am always 100% serious. Always.
  13. You didn't even read the first three posts of the last page. Shame.
  14. The stands usually call them "meat rings" but "anus frys" is commonly used in reference to them. Good thing to do is buy someone a meat ring and then say "By the way, most folks call them anus frys" after they take a couple of bites.
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