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  1. I rated it 2. Awful in every way with only two or three redeeming scenes.
  2. There was a sprig of grass as Jon rode off into the woods.
  3. I'm seeing a lot of Facebook posts from show-only fans who are genuinely confused by what is happening to the characters, mainly angry that Dany is being side-lined to make Jon king. Again, they've been fed this narrative of "female empowerment" of burning your enemies and being lauded for it, and are now completely confused that Dany is now "evil". Had D&D told this in a more nuanced way, these viewers should have seen this coming in some form or another. But nuance has no place in this show, because it would undermine the "OMG Shock!" moments the showrunners love.
  4. Completely on board with this.
  5. @Frances Bean Corbray and Preston Jacobs's reviews are so much more enjoyable than the actual episodes. Thanks guys!
  6. She finally gets to be something other than Deadpan, and does it well. Yes, I feel for her too. It was life-changing for all the young cast, I think - Maisie, Sophie, Kit too. Varying degrees of talent (some not so much), but catapulted to stardom by GoT,
  7. That was bad. I'm actually stunned by how bad that was. VFX and music and performances were good, as always, but the direction was poor and the pacing was truly appalling. I was forever adjusting the volume because what little dialogue there was was barely audible. I dare say the actors were embarrassed by it as the writing was abject rubbish. I scored it 2. I'm off to the Rant thread now. I may be some time.
  8. Can we take a moment to appreciate this screenshot please. And it's real.
  9. I simply cannot stomach Arya's faces - it's so ridiculous having tiny Arya becoming completely differently shaped people by donning a face. Maybe the books will make her learning this skill palatable, but the show certainly hasn't for me and I just don't want to see this any more.
  10. But he shouldn't have a name at all, not even Waters, because Robert never acknowledged him.
  11. I agree. There were some good visuals, and I loved the dragon fight (though would have preferred a better lit version) but overall I thought this was vastly below previous battles.
  12. I heard this so I watched that scene with the subtitles on and it says, "Yells. (Viserion growls.)" And I don't hear "Gooooooooooooo!" - I hear "arggghhh".
  13. I usually love "making of" programmes, especially ones with VFX - but these are unbearable because of D&D.
  14. I can debunk it. I read this too so I re-watched that scene with the sub-titles on. "YELLS. (VISERION GROWLS.)" is what it says.
  15. Haha, never gets old. (My personal favourite is the one from Snape kills Dumbledore, but soooo off topic. I think that's more wishful thinking. I read that too and re-watched that bit with the subtitles - it says "Yells. (Viserion growling)".
  16. In the shaded bar at the top of the comment box is a smiley face. Click on that and it gives you a range of emoticons.
  17. Bran telling all of them about the NK's creation so everyone knows his weakness for a start. A lucky hit is a little daft. I altered the brightness and contrast on my TV before I watched the ep and I saw those things (although really had to concentrate on the scene to see it). You're right, they should have adjusted it so we could enjoy these things properly - as one of the few things that were enjoyable in this ep, IMO. Good point. So preferable.
  18. Tis here: And there's some great lines in here that I'll be adopting.
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