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  1. Yep. Again, I can't give it 1 because the production values are incredible, I love most of the SFX and most of the actors are superb, but the writing is just beyond stupid. None of their plots hold together, their characters flip-flop all the time, and they are ham-fisted and cheesy in so much of their execution. I am weary of their hacking away at this amazing story. I'm not even sure I find it funny any more, just tiresome. 4.
  2. I can and have. But, okay, if you want a more modern show, here in the UK, the Great British Bake Off has millions more viewers than GoT and its figures have risen steadily year on year. It a competitive baking programme! Come to think of it, Sherlock's ratings have risen every year. I just don't think your point has any real substantive merit. It means it's getting more popular? As for the bolded, I didn't say anything about sex and violence.
  3. I wonder if that article is just HBO hyperbole - I'd need to see the statistics to back that up considering all the really popular shows over the years, not to mention that some older shows (like Cheers & M*A*S*H) pulled in far greater viewing figures than GoT has done. There is no doubt that GoT is popular - no-one is disputing that - but popularity does not necessarily equate with quality. It is the decline in quality for the sake of spectacle and cock jokes that so many of us find objectionable.
  4. It's been a good ride. I've enjoyed the gothic storylines, although this wrap-up seemed very truncated, with everything being brought to a close very quickly and some plots never really off the starting blocks (Lily and Jekyll). Strange choices. That said, the cast have been great and it's been great entertainment. For me, John Clare's storyline was the most heart breaking, and I'll happily listen to Rory Kinnear recite poetry to finish any series!
  5. So - still alive (and we, the viewers, know this) so the House is not extinct
  6. I gave it a four. Those points are for the technical aspects, like cinematography, CGI, music, scenery, editing, etc. The writing, however, is just beyond redemption.
  7. Well, they like to portray that "nothing is nothing" so that fits. I gave it a 2, which was high all things considered, but actors and cinematography should be rewarded. The only things that pleased me were Arya saying her name and that the Hound is going North. He needs to get to Sansa to tell her Littlefinger betrayed Ned. That's all I can hope for from this show, and I know in my heart they'll louse that up too.
  8. Huh, I hadn't thought of that parallel - it's certainly a possibility. And yes, finished the Arthur trilogy last week - she was prepared to sacrifice a King's son to bring back the gods. I thought there were a fair number of parallels with ASoIaF, as I read.
  9. They seem to have a real issue with pacing - something they can't seem to judge at all. As much as I'm pleased to see Sandor, there's far too much exposition (something they've been doing far too much of lately) and it was all a little laboured with the sept-building in the bucolic countryside. Ham-fisted. They wasted Ian McShane - why am I even surprised? The meeting with the Glovers was poorly scripted and, frankly, I'm really bored with the show writers' destruction of the North Remembers plot to service their contrived Sansa-needs-Littlefinger's help plot. I enjoyed the scene with Lyanna Mormont to an extent - the actress was good and there were some nice moments. I'm sad they felt the need to go for a joke instead - but that's become the mark of their writing now. I'm dubious of any Northern house accepting Jon who is a deserter from the Night's Watch. Why has no-one questioned him on this? No-one at all. It's ridiculous, but symptomatic of the writers' wholesale hand-waving difficult issues of their own making. Back to dick jokes and gratuitits in this episode. The YarAsha/Theon scene didn't accomplish much apart from bringing YarAsha into the "insulting eunuchs" fold. Save me from the frat-boy humour. Arya stabbed to the belly. Well, she should really die now - I'm sure nobody's fooled that she will - which was surely contrary to the "anyone can die" manifesto. They've lost any ability to shock or to even maintain suspense. I gave this a 4.
  10. I loved the paragraph on fauna. It was very evocative.
  11. The casting was so poor, when I originally saw the pictures I was sure he'd be playing Howland Reed (who I am still banking on trapping Dayne in a fish net).
  12. I enjoyed it. I thought the description of the greenery in the rain very evocative: I could almost smell it. I'm intrigued by the cave of faces and wonder if that will have further significance. I'm also inclined to think that Storm's End was given up rather than conquered. I find I'm very excited for the meeting between Arianne and JonCon, possibly more than her meeting Aegon, but that is partly because I don't want the action with JonCon and Aegon being reported - I very much want a point of view in place for this.
  13. Ser Quork

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Loved your post, but this part is absolutely priceless. Great way to start the morning!
  14. I gave it a 2. It was astoundingly poor. Davos and Melly are very chummy. So - no consequences of her burning Shireen then? No enquiries about what happened to Stannis and his family? Nothing? Surely, it would have been better for them to have had some kind of confrontation about this, even if it's interrupted by the noise of the assassination? All aspects of Dorne were ridiculous, but special mention goes to the speedboat the two sand snakes must have used to get to Tryskebab's ship. The scene with Cersei and Jamie was barely audible and hardly believable. Jamie's character development has now totally disappeared. Tyrion & Varys walking the streets without a care in the world. Same old, same old St. Tyrone and the odd cock joke to add the exposition. Who'd have thought this was a city riven by internal strife? Oo, what's that commotion? Oh noes, Dany's plot-gift fleet has gone up in smoke. Love that the ring is found in untrampled grass. I thought at least they wouldn't insult our intelligence and have it found at the centre of trampled ground, but nooooo. So - the Dothraki didn't recognise Dany then? Huh. Given what we saw with our travels with the Dothraki in season 1, I'm surprised she wasn't raped and/or beaten straightaway then, let alone being taken to the Khal and to give him her Khaleesi sass. Every note of that was off. The chase: what rubbish! The music is dramatic and exciting, but the action does not reflect it but is actually quite plodding. Sansa can't run. She's afraid of water when she knows what awaits her if she's caught? Oh, come on! And get rid of that blue filter. She squirrels herself in some tree roots whilst Theon doesn't even run to distract the pursuers, but just stands a couple of feet away! There's no tension at all. She doesn't even really look frightened when the dogs find her! But, it's okay, the dogs vanish when Brienne and Robin appear by magic, and the Bolton soldiers obligingly dismount to fight them. Sansa getting Theon's nod to accept Brienne's oath and then forgetting the words to the oath was really dumb. Courtesy was once her armour - the one thing she knew how to do. But D&D just can't let her have a brain. Meeting of the NW - really? No one, but no one, brings up Hardhome and why Jon brought the Wildings through the Wall? It just hurts my head. Mel ageing - possibly the only real spoiler, although readers will have realised it from her PoV chapter. I saw no need for that scene to involve any nudity, but, hey, that's D&D for you.
  15. Tis kind of you, :cheers: but not to worry - just made me laugh when I saw it. :D
  16. Yay, you got there - the title over your avi!! :cool4:
  17. R4W13Y, did you get approval? Keeping an eye out, here. Yes, it was (and still is, technically). It's another show mishap, to my mind.
  18. Completely agree. What they did with Trant was to blacken the character, because grey isn't something they 'get'.
  19. Bamboozled, yes. In a programme that is supposed to represent some kind of political thriller, the Northern Lords and the underlying menace in Winterfell would have been a tremendous story line. But noooo, torture and rape is the focus we get for the North Remembers storyline. I could spit, it's so bad.
  20. This is a great post, but especially the bold part. :bowdown: :agree: D&D's weaknesses in timing, geography of Westeros PLUS a lack of knowledge of military tactics is really telling. Well said. Another great post. Or - perhaps - they baited the audience with well-placed Benjen bait. His acting's a bit wooden though. ;)
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