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Found 1 result

  1. (Repost for those who don't visit the book forums) I've seen people post time and again how much they love posting here, love the books, love/hate/lovetohate the TV show, love the discussions. There are a lot of you out there -- we saw our ranks nearly double as the first season aired -- and that's great. But it's time to give back to the community you profess to love. We're having a fundraiser right now, and we're looking to get as much money as we can to finance desperately needed hardware upgrades and maintenance. Ran set a conservative $2,000 target. There's really nothing more awesome than blowing past your fundraising target, so please make our holy-shit-we-made-it-to-$3,000 day and chip in $5. Or more. Whatever you feel comfortable donating. The fundraiser goes through next Wednesday, so if you don't have the cash now, you can wait until after payday to contribute. The ChipIn contribution widget is on the left side of the page. Here's Ran's official announcement, with helpful links:
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