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Blood of Dragons




Found 1 result

  1. Luke had a good last role in TRoS, but it was all they could do to salvage the caricature of him in TLJ. The whole point of him throwing everything away - and that's what he did in TLJ and allowing the galaxy to descend into chaos and madness just because one apprentice failed is, well, not very mature. This kind of thing can happen, and he knew that from the start. This is just the worst kind of writing for the character - especially if you keep in mind how mature a lot of EU content dealt with the concept. Pretty much all of the new movies appear as if some morons tried to write bad EU fan fiction - I mean, 'Dark Empire' is the better TRoS even on the ridiculous super weapon level. The Galaxy Gun was a stationary black mail device, something a rag tag fleet could actually attack and destroy in the way it is seen in the story. A huge magical fleet - manned by what? Shadowy Sith cultist who conveniently disappear when the final boss is defeated? - is definitely less convincing than that. In fact, the Galaxy Gun was even better than the ridiculous planet-size Death Star from TFA considering it actually explained how it could target every planet of the galaxy (because it fired projectile weapons with built-in hyperdrive engies). Even the overall theme of 'Dark Empire' to have Luke himself becoming a Sith apprentice to fully understand why his father did what he did was a very interesting concept. One could have really done something with those ideas both for Luke or his nephew - if the latter had turned to dark side in an attempt to understand and conquer it from within and then losing his way in the process of that his story could actually have made sense. Even in the department of the survival of evil guys both DE and TCW with Darth Maul made more sense than the new movie. Just mentioning cloning in passing doesn't really explain anything. The old comics even did a hell of a job with that kind of plot with Ulic Qel-Droma. Does anybody understand the final plot in the new movie: If the former is true then this actually allows for a very interesting interpretation of the plan in ROTJ - as to why Luke was supposed to strike him down. For me this is perhaps the best addition of the new movies to the Star Wars canon. It adds another interpretational layer to ROTJ. And as for the rejuvenating ritual - I so hoped they would restore him to his old grandfatherly self from the PT. That would have underscored both the success/power of that ritual as well as helped him play the part of the grandfather that he was.
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