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Brief look at GoT Season 4


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So really I think what Robb would be looking at is only one Great House at almost full strength (the Tyrells) plus a battered Lannister army plus whatever Baratheon and Crownland houses they could dredge up. Something more like 2.5K. Considering Robb might now have the defensive advantage, I think that's more likely to wind up as a war of attrition with nobody really gaining ground. It certainly wouldn't be the Greyjoy rebellions all over again.

That's why any king on the Iron Throne in his right mind wouldn't even attempt any large-scale military action right now. What happens down the road in 10 or 15 years, when and if the IT consolidates its power, is anyone's guess. But for now, there isn't much anyone could do about Northern independence.

It's a pity no one listened to Catelyn's advice at the end of AGoT. Ned's dead, Jaime is captured, what else is there to do, what is the point of further bloodshed? Exchange the Kingslayer for the Stark girls, go back to your lands, and give the middle finger to the IT. Whatcha gonna do about it, punks?

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