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Did Roy Dotrice ruin any POV's for you too when you listened to ASoIaF audio books?

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So, I'm no on third re-read or should I say "re-listen" of ASoIaF, and I definitely am biased towards certain characters in both my love and loathing as I'm sure everyone is...But...someone pointed out recently when I was discussing my boredom with Aeron Greyjoy, that it might possibly stem from that the fact that I did the audio books and Roy Dotrice's voice for him was HORRIFIC!

This then got me thinking that there were several characters and POV's that were similar, so I wanted to hear from people who did the audio books on who they liked, loved, and loathed based on Roy Dotrice's adaptation.

In all fairness, it does suck that there were such gaps of time between the first and the last novel, because by the time of ADWD, his voice is suuuuper old.

Probably the most annoying part was how he doesn't stay consistent with the voices...I actually liked his take on Little Finger in the first few novels, but by the end he does a completely new voice that throws me off!

I also hate when he does his voice for the annoying/snobby Lords/Knights...It's like this high pitch, up and down voice, that drives me nuts!

Anyways, I would love to hear what others thought too and what they liked and disliked.

It goes without saying, hopefully, that I wished I read them first, but being in sales and always on the road/being obsessed with the novels, audio was the easiest for me...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.