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About the person who sent the hired hand to kill Bran

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I don't want it to be anything. I suspected Jamie and/or Cersei, because duh, but I guess that spoiler cat is out of the bag, it wasn't them.

No one else really has a reason to shut Bran up, so it can't be the originally suspected motive.

Tyrion and Jaime determine completely different mutually exclusive motives. While Tyrion thinks the attempted killer had a personal fight with Bran that left him incredibly angry, Jamie thinks he was inspired by another character saying a mercy killing would be more humane, as you do with horses or dogs. Jaime's theory especially makes no sense whatsoever for the suspect, Tyrion's is wrong as well.

It could be a total coincedence that Jaime pushed Bran before for all I know. Maybe LF just wanted to take out one of Catelyn's sons and blame the Lannisters regardless and the assassin used the situation as it was. Maybe it was a spontanious plan and he was in contact with a spy he had sent with the royal party. I don't know.

Usually if a character gets murdered and we don't know who did it, it's a conspiracy, and usually LF is behind it. Especially when Lannisters get suspected. As you know, if you read at least 3 books, being thousand miles away when he takes people out is very much LF's thing. Also remeber that when Cat showed him the dagger he immideately told her that it's Tyrion's. Cui bono? Who profits from the crime? Always LF. It was exactly nothing to Joff.

This is my interpretation, as well.

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They do explain it in ASoS. In a Tyrion POV he comes to the answer and that was that.

Littlefinger is just smart enough to realize that it was obviously someone in the Lannister party, Tyrion was a long way away and thus wouldn't result in any immediate action but would continue to drive the stake between the Starks and Lannisters. More importantly, Tyrion would be the easiest to capture. Jamie and Cersei were in KL safely guarded and Tyrion was out in the field and much easier to overpower his traveling party.

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