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Don Inigima

2014 Reading Self-Challenge

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Welcome to 2014! We did this last year and it worked pretty well. This is about challenging yourself to read a target number of books in 2013. Post your goal here and it will be recorded, and your name will be boldfaced if and when you meet your goal.

Common questions:

What counts as a book?

This is a challenge only to yourself with no penalties or prizes, so the short version is "whatever you think." Common convention tends to include audiobooks, short story collections and self-contained graphic novels, but not individual short stories or comic book issues. This question gets asked constantly and there is no way for us to answer it -- use your best judgment.

What should I set as my goal?
If you're looking for a target number and aren't sure what to pick, 52 (1 book/week) or 26 (1 book/2 weeks) are common, but it can be as low as 1 or as high as... something high.

Can I revise my goal?

Of course! Just tell me and I'll update it.

Thread updates?

Please do. Your update schedule is up to you, but we already have a "What did you just read" thread, so please don't post every time you finish something. I personally update monthly, more or less.

You can just list the books if you want. I like to say a few words so it isn't just a boring list that everyone skims over, and so if anyone is looking for a new read they can maybe get an idea for something they might enjoy. I won't be enforcing that, but a bit of content beats a list any day. Effortposts!

How can I keep track of my books?

There are a number of options, but most of us use Goodreads. In addition to recording your reads and what you have to say about them (write reviews! --ed.), they have a widget where you can declare your goal and it will automatically track your progress.


I will be targeting 30 books this year. I write brief blurbs in this thread, and more involved reviews on Goodreads. My Goodreads is here; I'd love to be Goodreads friends with you, but I want to know who you are, so please mention your username and Westeros affiliation.


Inigima: 30
Winter's Knight: 100
Mark Antony: 40
Er Rn: 30
The Great Ruiner: 50
Wizraban: 36
deedles: 60
Leap: 50
WrathOfTinyKittens: 52
Garett Hornwood: 35
mashiara: 75
Frank Fitzpatrick: 45
TheEvilKing: 6
KingGendry: 20
Maithanet: 52
sologdin: 100
The Great Unwashed: 40
Ferrum Aeternum: 25
Lord of Oop North: 41
Guinevere Seaworth: 75
Dracarya: 60
Eponine: 26
Hereward: 40
3CityApache: 40
Ser Lany Cassandra: 50
Isildur's Mane: 20
Reposado: 52
Winterfella: 15/15
maarsen: 200
RedEyedGhost: 60
Raja: 30
Wormwood: 35
Ghjhero: 25
Rorshach: 60
Biter: 26
lojzelote: 30
ductastic: 25
Gertrude: 25
kairparavel: 20
Night'sQueen: 26
sperry: 24
lockesnow: 15
Snowborn: 30/30
YellowDogJen: 65
Fragile Bird: 26
StoryOfItsOwn: 100
mshimmyb1: 26
dornish prince: 50
David Selig: 30
The Wolves: 40
thistlepong: 50
Sansa_Stark: 80
BrandonWeirtree the Dragon: 25
Shaldun: 20
Black Wolf Smith: 60
mandred torgridson: 20
Eirlys: 30

Claire of House Thorpe: 28

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Last year three books a month worked well for me, so I'll keep that, which means I have to read 36 books.

This time without any specifics about the contents of the books.

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My target this year is 50. My sub-goal is to not count in this any books I have already read.

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I put 35 on the Goodreads, so I'll go with that. However since I'll be doing some re-reads throughout the year and the Goodreads # will only count "first time" reads, I'll probably reach 35 here before Goodreads. I expect to be close to 45 overall by the end of the year, but I'm going to be conservative on January 1.

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I am targeting 6 books this year. Last year I think I read about 20 so it should be pretty easy.

Why so few? It seems like a 70% decline in the books you read is pretty significant.

I did 51 books last year, so I think I'll try for 52 books this time. But 51 was really a lot of books for me, I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. But I'm cancelling cable, so that's bound to help.

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I found out about this too late last year but I'll get on board for this one. My goal for 2014 will be 20 books. I'm operating on the assumption that the goal will not include re-reads.

Last year I read 26, but it was an unusual year for me in that I had a lot of free time in the summer and fall that I don't anticipate having this year. One book every 2 1/2 weeks is pretty realistic for me given my work schedule and other hobbies.

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Last year I targeted 50, but I didn't come close. Too much overtime at work and not enough reading. I ended up spending more time reading comics and graphic novels, because of time constraints.

This year, I'm going for a more reasonable goal of 41 for the year. I was going to aim for 40, but I finished a book that I started in 2013 on New Years Day.

My goodreads is here.

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I'm going to target 75 this year. I've been reading over 80 books in the last three years, but I foresee I will be on call for work throughout the year which will cut into my reading time.

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