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Perth BwB - January meet - 21 Jan 2014


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Perth bwbers - Ser Camaris is gracing us with his presence in the week of Jan 20. As it has been a while since we have met, lets welcome him back with a summer gathering. Those of you who can, shoot me a text or post here. Also, n00bs welcome :)

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Oops, looked at the dates wrong. I am free up to the 21st...

Have discussed it with Cam and 21st is OK. I know that doesn't help Tom ( :( ) but Cam is gone before Tom gets back anyway.

Cam has also asked for a 7pm or after start time.

Again, anyone got a venue suggestion?

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21st it is, I'll be a dirty stop out, 2 nights in a row!!

Trying to come up with somewhere central, I realise if we dine out its ususally local to here, There are a few places at Hillarys marina, for instance.

I like Christina's in Vic Park, and there's a nice trad chinese called Happy Meals, otherwise I got nuttin"

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Booking made at Christina's for 7 people under the name of Stubbs for 7.30pm.

Will be good to catch up again!

I read posts above as saying the following are going to be there:







Hand and a Half

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Good meet up last njight, following what everyone's been up to. Sorry Rinzy and Hand and a Half couldn't make it. Cam was there, so we talked about towels. Laoise and i were there so we talked about painting minis. Gillio was there, so we talked about chocolate. Callum was there, so we talked about how working up north in WA goes in the summer. We also talked about lots of other stuff and had a few laughs.

Line of the night went to Cam, when we were taking about painting minis.

(To me): "So, do you two ever just starting painting each other by mistake?"

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Hey all,

Thanks for taking the time to catch up - I had a great time!

Gillio, always lovely to see you, sorry I missed Tom but please say hi for me. And, Callum, great to meet you and not just because you shared your cold draft with me! Hope to see you again soon. :-)

And, Stubby and Laoise - despite your slanderous accusations, it is always a pleasure! Hope your keeping a steady hand on that paintbrush :-P

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