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Is it known why Roose Bolton was not ordered / didn't follow Robb to the Westerlands? The way I have it in mind, he and his army were simply left in the Riverlands, first holding the Green Fork (?), and then Harrenhall. When it would seem that they would bee needed in the West. If Stannis and his 16k would have taken KL despite the Wildfire, I am pretty sure that Robb with 20k could have taken Lannisport (without having the share the victory with the Ironborn).

The George wanted him making nice with Frey & Tywin.

But strategically it made sense for him to leave strong forces at RR & the Ford's to allow for a retreat to the North. And he expected the Greyjoys to seize Lannisport, no?

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Qyburn mentions that Rugen held his appointment from Aerys II, and that he came and went whenever he wanted to. It seems logical that Varys dressed up as Rugen during Aerys' reign already (and perhaps spoke with the imprisoned Brandon Stark at one point?), and every now and then appeared as Rugen in the cells, to show he was still alive, and to keep up appearance.

Rennifer Longwaters, who works in the dungeons himself, says this:

Rugen was created at least 17 years prior, during Aerys' reign, though it stands to reason that Varys has been dressing up for a little while longer. That way, he could keep better check on the prisoners down there, if they were of any importance (like how he spoke with Ned during his imprisonment).

Thanks, great info!

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