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A Trivia of Ice and Fire (Second Night), Brooklyn, 19 Jan 2014

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Hey my dudes,

The first night of A Trivia of Ice and Fire, presented by the Upjumped Sellswords, was a sterling success, with many fans of the books traveling in Land of Always Winter-esque temperatures to Over the Eight bar in Brooklyn to have a blast and answer some pretty tough questions on everyone's favorite book series. We're all set for 6 more nights of trivia, the next of which will be on Sunday, 19 January 2014, at 6pm, again at Over the Eight bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (And because the next days is MLK day, we can chat and debate deep into the night over their fearsomely strong cider!)

Please feel free to "Like" our Facebook page, "Follow" us on Twitter, and check out our blog, to keep up on all the goings-on of our rag-tag group of trivia-hedge knights!




We hope to see everyone there!

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It's OK. There will be at least five more trivia nights, on first and third Sundays up until 30 March! Stay tuned!

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