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GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2


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Davos plays the bad guy in Dog Soldiers. He's awesome.

Jaimie is in Oblivion I think. Just a small roll though.

Cersei is the queen in 300 and the main bad guy in Dredd.

Jorah is the bad guy in one of the Resi Evil films.

Sean Beans been in a few things.

King Robert was a stripper in some 90's film that may or may not hae also starred Ned.

Marg is also Ann Boleyn.

Melisandre plays a witch in a Sean bean medieval film... Forgot it's name. Bean gets pulled in half by 2 horses lol. Spoiler!

Erm... I can't think of too many more.

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Roose and Davos are in Titanic: Blood and Steel

Viserys is in the BBC Adaptation of Robin Hood and Theon's dad (well the actors) plays the Sheriff...he's hilarious!

Tywin was in an episode of BBC Merlin, playing an evil Witch finder. As always, he nailed the part and had a very Tywin vibe to him.

Also, I know the actors names but I know some other people don't so I just call them their character- easier to associate with than naming the actor, it's not ignorance just logical.

Oh, and Maegary is going to play a bald chick in the next two films of the Hunger Games franchise.

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Littlefinger was murdered in an old episode of poirot.

Missandai and dorreah were both in hollyoaks and went out with the same murderous drug dealer (he throttled dorreah on their wedding day)

Janos slynt was in a film called going off big time set in Liverpool, and coronation street.

Thoros of myr used to be dennis pennis.

Bran was a scary kid in a film called the awakening.

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James Cosmo (The Old Bear/Jeor Mormont) was in Braveheart as Campbell AKA Hamish's dad. Really weird as he somehow looks older in Braveheart than he does in GoT.

Definitely! I remember being very confused when I found that out.

Hamish: Some men are longer than others.

Campbell: Your mother been telling ya stories about me again, eh?

Viserys is in the BBC Adaptation of Robin Hood and Theon's dad (well the actors) plays the Sheriff...he's hilarious!

Harry Lloyd had a funny quip about that on his only commentary track (from Season 1, obviously). Daniel Minahan commented on how comfortable Alfie looked wielding a bow, and he said something like "of course he does, he's been watching Robin Hood."

I'm sure this has been mentioned, but I only recently learned that Hallyne (the pyromancer who supplies Tyrion's wildfire in Season 2) is played by Roy Dotrice, narrator of the ASOIAF audiobooks.

Also common knowledge around here I'm sure that Ser Ilyn Payne is a bad ass on guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMlhWvIh7U4 (still going strong in the face of terminal cancer)

Michelle Fairley was supposed to narrate GRRM's Windhaven but I can only find it done by Harriet Walter.

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