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GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2


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Peter Dinklage was in a Nardia movie with Warwick Davis

Lena and Peter were in pete smalls is dead

Dinklage was on Family guy as Mr. stone(ep secondhand spoke)

Broon was in soldier soldier

Conan Steven was in a predator movie

Conan was also in the Hobbit as Bolg

Rory Mcann was in some scotish coffree commercials( the commercial are funny)

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Sean Bean has something like a 90% death rate for his characters. Casting him is virtually a spoiler for a character's fate.

Pedro Pascal was on the Mentalist this season for several episodes. He played an agent tangled up in a love triangle.

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Roxanne McKee (Doreah) is playing a prominent role in the new SyFy series Dominion.

I was watching The Thick Of It, where Roger Allam (Illyrio) plays Peter Mannion. (A lot of Game of Thrones references in the show, LOL.) Tobias Menzies (Edmure) also showed up in 4x06 of the series.

Loving Michelle Fairley in 24: Live Another Day.

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Just saw Natalie Dormer in Rush, Ron Howard's latest movie. It was actually really excellent, in my opinion. Even though I had no interest in seeing it initially. I'm not 100% positive, but I think the actor who played Jory Cassel was in it as well. He looked a lot like him, anyway.

Finally got around to watching 300, many years late. Enjoyed seeing Lena Headey's face. Oh, and Aiden Gillen in the beginnin of The Dark Knight Rises.

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