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Fire Eater

The Rundown of the Dance of Dragons 2.0 Part 2 [TpatQ SPoilers]

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Wasn't Dany's HOTU vision "feast of corpses" describing the Red Wedding? Wasn't that the same vision where she saw the dead guy (Robb) with the head of a direwolf?


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Wasn't Dany's HOTU vision "feast of corpses" describing the Red Wedding? Wasn't that the same vision where she saw the dead guy (Robb) with the head of a direwolf?

There are theories that it wasn't the Red Wedding, but another one, maybe the wedding of a Frey to Devan Lannister (I think) that the BwB and Stoneheart interrupt.

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There are theories that it wasn't the Red Wedding, but another one, maybe the wedding of a Frey to Devan Lannister (I think) that the BwB and Stoneheart interrupt.

....then why would (Robb) with a wolf for a head be there? That theory sounds like a fan fiction wish to me.

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Daemon's Feint Parallel

The fall of Harrenhal to Prince Daemon came as a great shock to His Grace . . . Harrenhal left His Grace feeling vulnerable for the first time. Subsequent rapid defeats at the Burning Mill and Stone Hedge came as further blows

I think Tyrion will take Highgarden, which like Harrenhal had once belonged to a royal house that had been extinguished during Aegon's Conquest, and then given to a new house. I think Willas Tyrell will likely yield the castle seeing dragons on the castle's towers. Who knows how big the dragons will have gotten by then? The fall of HG will make Aegon feel uneasy given the castle's proximity to Oldtown. Aegon's army will suffer a number of quick defeats after HG falls, and more Reach lords gather there to Dany's cause.

When told that Aemon and Ser Criston Cole had left King's Landing it is said that Prince Daemon laughed and said "Past time," for he had long anticipated this moment.

Daemon feinted at Harrenhal, and when Aemond and Cole went to meet him, he doubled around them and headed for the capital of KL. I think Arianne and Connington may not see that the capture of HG is actually part of a larger scheme by Tyrion. Tyrion will feint at HG, and wait for Aegon to come to meet him from his capital of Oldtown. When Arianne arrives he will likely think Arianne and Dany chickened out and left only to find that they doubled around him, and headed straight for Oldtown, Aegon's capital.

Prince Aemond favored an immediate attack upon King's Landing . . . Ser Criston called that folly. "One against six is a fight for fools, my prince," he declared." Let them march south he urged once more, and join their strength to Lord Hightower's . . . Prince Aemond refused to consider this "craven course." . . . Ser Criston and Prince Aemond decided to part ways.

I think this is where Connington and Arianne part ways. A split will have been building up over time, especially with Arianne likely competing with Connington for influence over Aegon.

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Dornish Wars

Before considering the Dornish wars in DoD 2.0, it may be a good idea to look at previous conflicts between Dorne and the dragons.

Round 1, Fight!

“When the Young Dragon conquered Dorne, he used a goat track to bypass the Dornish watchtowers on the Boneway.”

“I know that tale as well, but Daeron made too much of it in that vainglorious book of his. Ships won that war, not goat tracks. Oakenfist broke the Planky Town and swept halfway up the Greenblood whilst the main Dornish strength was engaged in the Prince’s Pass.”

While the main Dornish strength was engaged in the Dornish Passes, Oakenfist attacked Planky Town and swept up the Greenblood, which was the main reason of the victory. But the goat tracks are also important because Robb defeated the army of Stafford with the goat track Grey Wind had found and Stannis himself took Deepwood Motte by following mostly the goat tracks.

The idea here is clear.

1. Traditionally the Dornish use their own terrain to their advantage but an unaccounted path like the goat track of the Young Dragon might undo their plans.

2. Dorne never had a sea power since Nymeria burned her ships. This was a terrible mistake. Greenblood is the life blood of Dorne and Dorne is very vulnerable to an attack to Planky Town. Of course the mouth of the river is not completely undefended but a strong fleet with an able captain can crush them and open the way to the heart of Dorne.

Dragons win.

Round 2, Fight!

“He [Trystane] always sets his squares up the same way, with all the mountains in the front and his elephants in the passes,” said Myrcella. “So I send my dragon through to eat his elephants.”

Trystane plays cyvasse according to traditional Dornish tactics. He deploys all his strength in the passes and relies on impassable mountains and the terrain. However, a dragon can fly over the mountains and this is how Trystane is defeated every time.

Their game is a representation of Young Dragon and Dornish forces in the passes. Myrcella’s dragon flies over the mountains to slay the elephants of Trystane. By using the goat tracks, the Young Dragon practically “flew over” the mountains and probably caught the Dornish unawares.

Dragons win.

Round 3, Fight!

Quentyn heard the sellswords shouting. Caggo was calling for the chains, and Pretty Meris was screaming at someone to step aside. The dragon moved awkwardly on the ground, like a man scrabbling on his knees and elbows, but quicker than the Dornish prince would have believed. When the Windblown were too late to get out of his way, Viserion let loose with another roar. Quentyn heard the rattle of chains, the deep thrum of a crossbow.

“No,” he screamed, “no, don’t, don’t,” but it was too late. The fool was all that he had time to think as the quarrel caromed off Viserion’s neck to vanish in the gloom. A line of fire gleamed in its wake—dragon’s blood, glowing gold and red.

Quentyn turned and threw his left arm across his face to shield his eyes from the furnace wind. Rhaegal, he reminded himself, the green one is Rhaegal.

When he raised his whip, he saw that the lash was burning. His hand as well. All of him, all of him was burning.

This is a full representation of the conquest of Dorne. Prince Quentyn was engaged with Viserion and he was guarding the only way in or out, much like the Prince’s Pass. However, Quentyn did not take notice of Rhaegal and he crept behind and burned him. This is similar to how Oakenfist swept up the Greenblood to subdue Dorne.

Dragons win.

Round 4, How?

Trystane loses the game to a clever Lannister whom he is betrothed. In other words, he is engaged with her. Quentyn was intending to steal Viserion, which will be the mount of another clever Lannister (Tyrion).

It is highly foreshadowed that Viserion will be Tyrion’s mount and Victarion will claim Rhaegal with his horn. Rhaegal is the green dragon. We never saw its blood but if we draw a parallel from the other dragons, Rhaegal’s blood should be green.

Victarion’s fists are very strong. He killed several men and his late wife with his fists.

Oakenfist carried the scars of his failed attempt to tame Sheepstelaer on his back and legs for the rest of his life. Victarion has a visibly burned hand and he will carry those scars for the rest of his life.

Therefore, Victarion will play the role of Oakenfist and lead his fleet up the Greenblood with his green blooded dragon. At the same time, Tyrion and Viserion will lead the attack through the passes. Tyrion might find those forgotten goat tracks while scouting with his dragon. Tyrion was highly associated with goats (in terms of Shagga and his affection to cut off manhoods and feed them to goats). It is also possible that Viserion will be hit by a scorpion bolt and killed in the passes as foreshadowed here.

“Very good,” he [Tyrion] said, plucking up his dragon. “The most powerful piece in the game,” he announced, as he removed one of Qavo’s elephants. “And Daenerys Targaryen has three, it’s said.”

He [Qavo] moved his catapult again, closed his hand around Tyrion’s alabaster dragon, removed it from the board.

The rest was slaughter, though the dwarf held on another dozen moves.

Note that the elephants of Trystane are eaten by Myrcella’s dragon flying over the mountains. The elephants refer to both the Volantene and the GC. So, Tyrion will defeat them in the passes.

“Well, how long does a dragon live?” She looked up as Viserion swooped low over the ship, his wings beating slowly and stirring the limp sails.

Dany asks how long a dragon lives as Viserion swooped low over the ship. The mention of Viserion like this gives me the idea that Viserion will be the first dragon to die. Also Tyrion pointed Dany had three dragons just before he lost his dragon.

All seemed lost … all was lost …

till Vermax flew too low, and went crashing down into the sea.

It is said that Jacaerys Velaryon leapt free and clung to a piece of smoking wreckage for a few heartbeats, until some crossbowmen on the nearest Myrish ship began loosing quarrels at him. The prince was struck once, and then again. More and more Myrmen brought crossbows to bear. Finally one quarrel took him through the neck, and Jace was swallowed by the sea.

At the Battle in the Gullet, the dragons almost destroyed the fleet of the triarchy till Vermax flew too low and crashed down into the sea. I think this might be the place where Viserion is hit and removed from the board. Returning to the game of Tyrion, he managed to hold on another dozen moves after he lost his dragon. Jace managed to cling to a piece of wreckage after he lost is dragon. But Myrmen loosed their bolts on him by their crossbows, something associated with Tyrion since he killed his father.

“I thought the crossbow fitting. You shared so much with Lord Tywin, why not that?”

Varys, who came from Myr as far as Tyrion knows, told this to Kevan after he shot him with a crossbow. I can think of several things Tyrion and Tywin shared (like Shae, Tower of the Hand etc.). So, Tyrion might die a similar death with his father.

Does the snake think I have Sansa squirreled away somewhere, like a nut I’m hoarding for winter? If so, Tyrion was not about to disabuse him. “A trip to Dorne might be very pleasant, now that I reflect on it.”

“Plan on a lengthy visit.” Prince Oberyn sipped his wine. “You and Doran have many matters of mutual interest to discuss. Music, trade, history, wine, the dwarf’s penny . . . the laws of inheritance and succession. No doubt an uncle’s counsel would be of benefit to Queen Myrcella in the trying times ahead.”

By the time of these Dornish wars, it will be winter and a trip to Dorne will be pleasant compared to the rest of the Realm. However, Tyrion’s visit to Dorne will be longer than he had anticipated because he will die there. Doran will be most likely dead before the Dornish wars, so Tyrion and Doran will have endless time to discuss the matters of mutual interest. I also think that Myrcella will be the Queen in KL through most of the Dance and she will miss the much needed counsel of her uncle in the trying times ahead.

Dragons will win this round but at a great cost.

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I think Victarion will die Meereen. I don't think Dany will marry him, and he won't take "No" for an answer. He will also have killed her husband, Daario, Jorah and Barristan. She wouldn't forget that.

I think Rhaegal; will be ridden by Arianne in the second Dance, another POV character. It would keep things interesting, and the reader guessing now that Dany lost her main advantage. I don't see Tyrion dying in Dorne, and his death would need to be more satisfying than that as he wouldn't have even taken CR. I think the ship in the foreshadowing you are thinking of might refer to Davos's sigil. He would like to get his vengeance for his four sons in the BoBW, and possibly commanding the catapult that brings down Viserion.

I do agree with how Tyrion will take Dorne though.

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