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Lord Warwyck

which is the most beautiful female character in the tv series?

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Sansa is shaping up to become one hell of a beautiful woman.

Yeah, I couldn't believe that it was Sansa in that quick shot of her with the hood on in the Eyrie in the trailer.

Other than Sansa, probably Dany and Margaery.

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I personally think Margery is.

The HBO series hasn't gotten to the prophecy that Cersie heard yet. I wonder who "the one younger and more beautiful" than Cersie will be. There are lots of contenders for that. I think it will be Myrcella. Eventually it will come out that Margery has some sort of dark secret. Although I think Sansa is going to become a great player in the game of thrones, I can't see her even wanting to rule it all. Dany will see all her ambitions are useless if she doesn't have a child to leave the kingdom to. Little Myrcella though, even missing an ear, will be the one.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.