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She-wolves of Winterfell: Analyzing Northern women


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I thoroughly enjoyed this thread and was hoping there would be more. The essays were very well written as well as all the analysis done. With regard to Catelyn though I am not sure I can agree on her being a good mother. I think the most neglected child from the beginning of series was Rickon, a boy of three.

I don't think leaving Bran and Rickon made her a bad mother she just realized that Robb needed her more. I would also disagree that Rickon was the most neglected, when she left he had Maester Luwin, Old Nan and Bran. It's natural of course that a three year old would miss his mother, but he had a whole castle of people to look after him.

She had written to Bran and Rickon, that last night at Riverrun. I do not forget you, my sweet ones, you must believe that. It is only that your brother needs me more.

Also her father was dying and she knew that this would be her last chance to be with him.

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I also find it a shame that D&D did not understand the She-wolf theme when they decided to have Sansa marry Ramsay what a shame

We are yet to see how Sansa will come out of this but considering that

A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.

she might still bite the hands raised against her when people mistake her for tamed.

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