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Boardology III: The truth about us


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In December 2012, there was a need for a thread that will explain the nature of the boards. Our beloved Winter's Knight took upon herself that sacred duty to present us some inevitable rules of existence on this board. Naturally, the academic approach behind the thread was obvious and Boardology soon got the legendary status among the boarders...

Then, in June 2013, we resurrected it. Half a day, 400 posts and tons of new rules proved that Boardology is still in the hearts of our beloved community. Since it's been long ago, and we got so many new members, the time has finally come to update you with the natural order of this board. We have selected over 100 rules that appeared in the last two threads, so we can pass the sacred knowledge of Boardology to the next generation of posters. Bear in mind, these rules are scientifically proved and experimentally tested, and I, as the current OP, vouch that every rule is true...

Also, this thread is nothing without you, the good people of our community. We do this because you have given us the knowledge for the first two editions, and we hoped you will give us more for this one. So, please be free to post any rule you find worthy of Boardology set of laws, and you will have our eternal gratitude.

With the usual disclaimers that this is not a chat thread and to be polite to each other, I present you the Third resurrected Boardology thread:

Just for starters, here are some of our favorite rules:

  1. Starks’ laws
    1. Every discussion dedicated how bad, stupid or evil Starks are won’t end well
    2. Every discussion about Cat, will lead to assessment of her relationship with Jon (Cat’s Law)
    3. You can’t discuss Sansa without mentioning Tyrion
    4. When you discuss warging, there will be at least one poster reminding you that all Starks are wargs.
    5. Every discussion about Jon, must be either pro or against him being AAR/PTWP
    6. Any discussion about RR will lead to term known as Nedbert
    7. Sansa discussions will always have a post about how similar she is to Ned
    8. Sansa is the only Stark where the argument is made that she does not love or care for her family.
    9. A thread about the death of Lady will have numerous posts claiming that it is symbolic of Sansa losing her "Starkness".
    10. Any thread mentioning Starks, must have at least two posts about killing all the Freys
    11. Discussions about Robb will always be how stupid he was
    12. You can’t talk about Stark sisters without someone mentioning how Arya is Stark, and Sansa Tully.
    13. There is no way you could talk about Jon, without mentioning parentage theories
    14. When Sansa is in question, LF and Tyrion are perverts, but Sandor isn’t.
    15. Any thread dedicated to future of Starks must have one post in which someone refers to Grand Northern Conspiracy thread.
    16. Any Catelyn discussion will at least mention her release of Jaime, and how should she have been punished for that.
    17. Somehow there can be no Bran thread without at least one member having a post containing HODOR.

  1. Lannisters’ laws
    1. A week can’t pass without someone claiming that at least one of Tywin’s children isn’t his, but Aerys’.
    2. You can’t discuss Tyrion without mentioning the rape
    3. There is no discussion about Cersei without at least one person calling her a bitch
    4. Discussions about Joffrey will always lead to discussion how bad mother Cersei was
    5. You can’t mention Tommen, without mentioning Ser Pounce
    6. Discussions about Wo5K will always conclude that Lannisters were lucky.
    7. Talking about Jaime is talking about his redemption road. There’s no other way.
    8. Every Tyrion thread will have one poster claiming he is the best person for King.
    9. Someone will always question whether Tommen is Robert’s.
    10. When you discuss Tywin, someone is bound to mention how he is overestimated as commander.

  1. Targaryens’ laws
    1. There will always be those to claim Targaryens are fireproof
    2. There will always be those to claim Targaryens mated with dragons
    3. There will always be those to claim Targaryens are immune to all sort of sickness
    4. You can’t like both Jon and Dany. Choose one.
    5. There is no discussion about Dany, without quoting her line about silly little girl.
    6. There is no discussion about Dany, that claim/right dilemma isn’t properly debated
    7. There is no discussion about future wars, without someone claiming that dragons are invincible
    8. You can’t discuss Dany without someone questioning her capability to rule
    9. Every Dany debate will lead to mentioning Daario Naharis

  1. Baratheons’ laws
    1. Every thread leads to Stannis. No matter how different subject is, the chances of Stannis being mentioned is extremely high, in any form
    2. Any thread about Robert and Cersei’s marriage will end up in conversation about marital rape.
    3. There is no conversation about Robert without mentioning his warhammer
    4. You can’t mention Renly without gay factor
    5. You can’t talk about Renly without someone inexplicably saying Renly would have made a great King
    6. You can’t discuss Stannis without mentioning Stavos
    7. There will always be those to claim Stannis did nothing wrong
    8. To speak about Stannis, is to speak about `One true King`
    9. Stannis is badass. Deal with that. You must have heard it.
    10. Someone will always claim that Davos is the most honorable living man in Westeros.

  1. Other Houses` laws
    1. You can’t discuss about Theon without mentioning his penis
    2. You can’t talk about AFFC, without someone saying how boring Dorne storyarc is.
    3. You can’t mention Oberyn without admitting he’s the coolest man ever living in Westeros
    4. None of Greyjoy appreciation threads will end up well
    5. Margaery is always described as player in Game of thrones
    6. If mentioned, we all forgive Olenna’s killing of Joffrey
    7. There are always those claiming Varys knows everything.
    8. You can’t discuss Robert Arryn, without someone claiming he’s LF’s son.
    9. There is certain number of character you don’t want to say anything against: Oberyn, QOT, Blackfish, Davos, GreatJon…

  1. General Boardology rules
    1. Even though we have pinned thread about R+L=J that has 53 editions, those who want to discuss the subject, always feel compelled to start new thread about it
    2. Even though it’s forbidden, people can’t stop asking when will GRRM finish ASOIAF
    3. Search function is mysterious device to half of this community
    4. Any heated dispute will inevitably devolve in some variation ‘’maybe you should actually read the books’’

  1. Inevitable posters’ laws
    1. Apple’s law. Any thread devoted to Dany being PTWP, and Targaryens being fireproof and immune to sicknesses, will draw one of the most famous member – Apple Martini. And when she comes with cold logic and impressive knowledge of ASOIAF, you better watch.
    2. Tze’s law. Tze is one of those members we don’t see a lot, but when we do, we have to express our admiration. Tze ends the threads. After her, usually long, but incredibly insightful posts, you can only say: I agree/This/What Tze said. Simply after her post, nothing smart to say is left.
    3. Champions` law. Each of character has its champions defending it in any instance. Here are some:
    4. Jon. Jon has pretty big fandom, but Apple Martini, Jon’s Queen Consort will put their hands for her favorite. Many others are truly Jon’s champions but these two ladies truly believe in him.
    5. Dany. There isn’t big Dany fandom here, but those that like her are relentless. Patrick Stormborn is one member who’ll defend Dany to the last breathe on this forum.
    6. Sansa. After establishing Pawn to player thread, ladies of the thread made a very clear message – We will make you love her. Brashcandy, Rapsie, Lyanna Stark and Kittykatknitts, with humble addition of me, defend Sansa in any occasion. And we do tremendous job. Trolls fall under our logic, posters surrender to us. You may love or hate us, but we endure…
    7. Stannis. This guy has no fandom, he has an army. Led by E-Ro, Stannisguard is strong and united in convincing everyone Stannis is the one true King.
    8. Dr Pepper’s law. For the good half of her time here, you don’t know whether she is joking or not. The other half is sheer brilliance. With best humor on the thread, Dr P will make you believe in unbelievable, but you also want to make sure she isn’t playing you. That doesn’t mean she is only joking. Oh, no. She is one of the most insightful posters on the thread and one of the best friends you could find here.
    9. Reread law. Any reread thread organized by ‘Three musketeers’ – butterbumps, Lummel and Ragnorak is pure gold. To each thread they organize and are involved in, they bring dose of brilliance you rarely meet. Their insightful Jon and Tyrion Reread threads, and their contributions all around the boards, made them truly respectable members.
    10. Fire Eater’s law. Somewhere between Jon and Dany fandom, Fire Eater is our very own crystal ball. He is a poster with tremendous record when it comes to theories and foreshadowings. Any thread about Dance of dragons 2.0 will inevitably refer to the thread Fire Eater opened.
    11. Mladen’s religion law. Time to talk a bit about me. You simply can’t open a religion thread without me posting there. I will attack you politely about the idea of `One true religion`, and I will present my arguments against it. As one of my friends said on one of Religion threads. Mladen is coming J
    12. Most important – Mods’ laws. Don’t break them. They are here for a reason. They provide us good entertainment and enjoyment. Don’t offend others, don’t chat on threads, don’t go off topic, and don’t personalize debates. Simply, enjoy and let others enjoy.


Aegon's Law:
He is either fake or genuine and everyone cares about this. Also Table Flipping apparently = Being Worse Than Joff.

Rhaegar's Law of Secondary Opinions:
No matter what the smallfolk or people in-universe think about the guy, fans either hate him deeply or love him unconditionally. There is no middle ground.

Daenerys' Law Of Sliding Scale of Idealism:
Dany is either a bad guy in the making or the savior of the universe.

Law of Dragons:
To those who enforce the above Dany Law, the dragons are either the coolest thing since the wheel, or living breathing weapons of mass destruction.

Targaryen Law of Madness:
If your name isnt Maester Aemon, Egg, or Baelor Breakspear or Jaehaerys I, you are batshit by default.

Arya's Law Of Womanhood:
Fans will forever be divided on whether or not Arya actually grows up. She is either staying as a manky ugly girl or becoming Lyanna 2.0.

Roose's Law:
See therealbrando's sig for details.

Cersei's Law of Feminism:
Discussing Cersei in general is a tricky thing to do, but discussing her as a feminist figure will doom a thread without fail.

Law of Jojenpaste:
A ridiculous theory, if ridiculous enough, will have multiple threads on the subject.

Law of Stannis:
For the Thread is Long and Full of Stannis.

GRRM Kills Our Loved One's Law:
Speculation never ends on who will live or die. And what the ending of the series will entail.

Grizzled Older Person Law:
If a member is over a certain age, cantankerous posts will ensue.

Ramsay's Law:
Ramsay has no sympathetic qualities. Discussing such is fruitless, even if you are marginally fond of the guy. And if you are marginally fond of the guy, you MUST state it has to do with his role in the story, not his doings or personality.

Dornish Law:
Dorne either doesnt matter at all in the overall story, or has huge significance. There is no middle ground.

Law of Cliche:
Jon is a cliche and boring.

Tropes Law:
Discussion about the use of tropes and devices in the series will result in a lot of mixed reactions. GRRM's use of tropes are either wholly unconventional, or just like everyone else's.

Law of Protagonists and Antagonists:
There is no "main character" in the series apparently. There are also no "good guys" and "bad guys". Greys Law applies.

Oberyn's Law:
Oberyn Martell was amazing and he died for your sins.

Law of Sandor Clegane:
No discussion about the Hound is complete with Sansa shipping.

Meereen's Law:
No one remembers any Ghiscari's name ever. If your name isnt Hizdahr or the Green Grace, you will not be remembered. If you have an alias, like the Green Grace or the Shavepate, only then will people remember your name.

Rule of Fat Walda:
She is awesome. Deal with it.

Alys Karstark's Law of Ensemble Darkhorse:
If a character is spunky in any way shape or form, despite having one or only a handful of scenes, they will be universally loved. Bonus points if they are female and Northern.

Asha Greyjoy's Law of Ironborn Dynamics:
The only good Ironborn is named Asha Greyjoy. Everyone else is pillaging scum.

Apple Martini's Law of Northern Politics:
If there is a theory about how the North will carry out and it is posted by Apple Martini, there’s too high of a chance that she may have some weird voodoo psychic connection to GRRM. In other words, she’s probably right. Deal with it. See also Tze's Law.

Tze's Law of Overreaching:

Even if a Tze post has some wild theorizing in it, people will have no choice but to accept it.

WK's Law:
If there is a good thread idea, she probably came up with it first.

PatrickStormborn's Law of Daenerys:
Dany is the Queen of All Everything. Deny this and you will be mercilessly attacked by said member. Dany is a strong, independent woman who dont need no man.


Law of Mistaken Succession:
In any discussion of right of succession to the Iron Throne, at least one person will claim that being popular or being a potentially better king gives you a claim to the throne.

Law of Stannis vs. Renly:
It will be argued that Renly had a stronger claim through "might makes right," even though he was killed in the process - his might clearly didn't make right. b. It will be argued that Renly would have won if Stannis followed Westerosi conventions even though Renly was in the process of usurping either his nephew or his brother, and hence himself breaking Westerosi conventions.

Doran's Law:
Either Doran is held to be the worst player of the game of thrones who does everything wrong, or he the greatest player whose plans haven't come in to focus yet.

Law of Dany vs Jon:
a. Gender is not the most important aspect of either of their characters, arcs, or storylines.
b. Similarly, potentially not being Azor Ahai Reborn does not make Dany's entire narrative pointless, and potentially being AAR does not make Jon's arc cliche.
c. The above arguments will still be made in almost every thread regarding either character.

Law of Discussion of Morality:
a. Once a character's morality is questioned in a thread no useful discussion will emerge.
b. A character's morality will always be questioned in a thread when posters disagree with the prevailing opinion about a major character.

Law of moral absolutism:
Characters who are considered to be moral absolutists will be condemned because 'moral absolutism is wrong.' This will occur with no hint of irony.

Melisandre's Law of Visions:
Whenever Mel's visions are discussed people will conflate Mel's flawed interpretations of what she sees with her visions being wrong. Mel's visions are 100% accurate but her interpretation of them is rarely ever accurate.

Law of human decency:
Doran Martell is not a pedophile.

Law of Nicknames:
"The Red Viper," "The Kingslayer," and "The Queen of Thorns" are good nicknames, but "Ser Stupid," and "Lord too-fat-to-sit-a-horse" are the gold standard.


Dany's Laws
-The Targs being fireproof will always be brought up in a Dany thread
- Dany cannot be discussed without Stannis included
- In every Dany thread there will always be someone who irrationally hates her

-There will always be at least one StanStan posting in a Dany thread
-Dany cannot be discussed properly without hate in one of her threads

People will blame Arya for Nymeria's man-eating.

Every single line is foreshadowing

The amount of madness increases exponentially as the time from the last book increases

Another law of Stanstans: Stannis should be judged by his words, while all the other characters should be judged by their actions.

No matter how smart, intelligent or insightful your latest thread is, you don't stand a chance against provocative, amusing, and controversial threads.

Top 10 needlessly recycled threads:
1. Syrio/Jaqen/Faceless Man
2. The others is totes the good guys/the wall keeps the peoples out of the North
3. Benjen is Coldhands/in the land of always winter/an other/hooded man/a plot device who buried a cache of obsidian and necessitated a ranging beyond the wall

4. Leave Edmure Alone!!!!!1 (now extinct)
5. If I were Randyl Tarly, I'd beat the crap out of Sam, too.
6. Lannister secret targs/valonqar/drogonrider mumbo jumbo
7. Gendry is totes importante
8. I think Aegon is real, cuz Varys wouldn't lie. Discuss.
9. Winterfell crypts/missing swords/dragon/always a stark there
10. Varys is a non-eunuch/female/blackfyre/merling/omnipotent/jesus-george washington-moses figure who would never lie and just wants the best for the realm

FFC boredom law
Any time people talk about ASOIAF, someone will inevitably mention how boring was AFFC...

The Law of dragon heads
Someone will always claim that riders and heads are one same thing
There is always debate about whether it's one dragon with three heads or just three dragons

To some posters, a characters morality depends on how awesome their lines are.

Walrus' Law: Anytime someone exaggerates Tyrion's wrongdoing's and then goes on about how "redeemed" Jaime and Sandor are, i lose it. This also applies to Stannis.

Every character is grey. No one is completely good, or completely evil. Ned hid a secret for so long and lied everyone, Gregor Clegane apparently has brain tumor that made him do all atrocities, and Ramsay and Joffrey are the victims of bad parenting.

Rhaeger's Law: Any discussion of Rhaeger will eventually degenerate into debating whether or not he was kidnapper and rapist.

Troll Laws:
a. There will always be a troll in this forum
b. Trolls always provide some sort of amusement and/or frustration
c. Trolls will always take it too far

Law of Troll threads: All troll threads will eventually become chat threads.

In Jon thread about him being R's+L's, there'll always be one person that says the KG at the ToJ doesn't prove he's a legitimate Targ and Rhaegar and Lyanna married.

Kienn's Law: Unless two separate PoV characters have witnessed the same thing, it is not a fact.

Any Dany discussion will inevitably involve Stannis and vice versa.

Any thread started by Black Hawk will require code-breaking software to read.

TTTNE King's Law: when voted king, the said poster will immediately vanish for weeks at a time.

Any military discussion will at some point involve an argument over whether or not Westerosi soldiers are untrained levies are not.

Any time there's a discussion about Cat and Jon Snow, the expression "an innocent child" will be used at least 5 times per page.

The references and homages thread will be spammed with things that are neither references nor homages.

Every now and then there's always a thread questioning Ned's honour.

In any Dany thread, someone will try to use Dany's relationship with Daario as a character flaw.

The lighter and flamer the thread, the more replies it has...

All posts by Mother of the Others require an experienced psychologist to understand.

Whenever a thread deals with how many troops an area can raise, Free Northman is always there.

There will always be someone, who doesn't understand the right of conquest, who says she's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, not Stannis.

The law of Butterbumps: In any pro Littlefinger thread, she shall eventually show up and demolish all arguments in favor of LF.

It's not possible to discuss Darkstar without various theories he is either Ned's, Lyanna's, Ashara's or Rhaegar's son (ETA: or babyswaped with one)

Very large OPs often dont get fully read either, sadly

If Fire Eater posts a bit of foreshadowing, you never question it.

There is no Forum Games thread without being used

Any game's thread Nerolunar creates will always involve Bando, GMM, and Kobayishi Maru.

Every time you`re ready to say "Now I have seen it all" someone like MaesterHodor shows up....

Every discussion about Jaime must have at least one post saying that he`s the biggest scumbag in Westeros and one post saying that he`s more honorable than Ned.

Every thread about Cat will have at least one post claiming she started the Wot5K

Any thread involving Roose Bolton will inevitably end with how awesome he is.

There are also the Dayne Laws:
1 - Any thread that mentions Arthur Dayne will have somebody theorizing that he is still alive.
2 - Every thread about
Darkstar will always have some troll claiming he is Rhaegar.
3 - "Darkstar" should always be posted in purple (or is that just me?) to symbolize that he is of the night.
4 - Any thread about Ashara Dayne will eventually descend into an argument about Septa Lemore.
5 - Any thread mentioning Edric Dayne will have multiple people commenting on how he would be a great match for either or both of the Stark girls.
6 - Any thread mentioning Dawn will descend into a debate about Lightbringer, and eventually about Jon Snow being AAR/TPTWP.

Discussion about Lemore was impossible without page-long debates about why Martin chose not to mention her eye colour.

Littlefinger Baelish law: You cannot go one day without Littlefinger Baelish replying to threads in the character of, you guessed it, Petyr Baelish.

King of Starks law: He has to use King in the North line with every given occasion

MaesterHodor's Law: All threads started by MaesterHodor are awesome. The awesomest will quickly be locked.

Protar's Law: In any thread bashing Tyrion, I'll write up a lengthy post and then delete it before posting so I don't get in trouble.

Corvo Attano Law: In any threads about Jon Snow, I tend to argue the exact opposite of what everyone else is saying.

Talal of Dorne’s law: MIaden will be the first poster in every thread. You may get lucky, but no matter how many times you try you will lose.

Talisa's laws:
There will always be people claiming Talisa is a character consistent within setting of the story.
There will always be people calling Jeyne bland and accusing her of having no personality.
There will always be people claiming Talisa's character is cool solely based on the opinion that the actress is sexy. (Those posters are usually male.)

You cannot mention Stannis without someone mention that he is Mel's servant and he had burned too many people when in reality it was only 1 (the Florent guy)

Dothraki Law: there will be posts saying that 40K Dothraki screamers (or 10K if you wish) will overrun Westeros, obliterating all opposition, while ignoring the near-impossibility of getting them, their horses (3 or 4 per rider needed) feed and water for said horses, and the Screamers' dependents across the Narrow Sea, especially in the face of their dread of the "poison water".

A discussion about Catelyn can not take place without at least one of the following statements: Catelyn lacks empathy, Catelyn doesn't love Arya, she doesn't care about the smallfolk, she should have negotiated with the Tyrells, and she should have pretended to be visiting her father when Tyrion discovers her.

Some characters like LF, Varys and Tyrion, according to some posters, know everything...

Nuncles Law: Almost everyone hates the word Nuncle and finds it annoying.

Meta-thread law: meta-threads (such as Confessions or this one - Boardology) tend to be have 10 pages after an hour so and overall be 40+ pages long

New posters will not read more than 2 pages of a multi-page thread before posting, often accompanied by an apology for not having read all the thread.

Every once in a while a member writes a post so awesome that someone will write "Where`s the like button?" as a response to it

In every thread that asks a question like "who is the best king?", "who is the best swordsman?" etc there will always be at least one answer saying "Hodor"

SEARCH FUNCTION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LAW: New threads pertaining to a topic that has 77 existing threads will invariably begin w "I tried a search, but couldn't find anything on this topic" or "the search function wasn't working"...

You can't mention Dunk and Egg in a post without someone asking you where they can find the stories.

Its always mentioned that Kevan (And sometimes Tyrion) is the "Good Lannister".

Its always mentioned that Asha is the "Good Greyjoy".

Every thread must have at least one post containing line ''It is known''

There will always be some new posters who reach 1000 post counts in a week. Remember post count means nothing

Every week a new AAR or Jon`s parentage theory is born

Rhaegar and/or Lyanna caused Robert's Rebellion law: It seems as if every 2 weeks somebody starts a new thread arguing that Rhaegar and/or Lyanna started the Rebellion. After several pages of arguing back and forth, nobody ever changes their opinion and the thread dies out, only to be reborn like the Phoenix a few weeks later, and the same arguments are made again.

There will always be those who will try to be a match-maker for Jon uniting him with Val, Dany, Margaery etc...

Tormund can't be mentioned without someone making a "member" joke.

Everyone forgets Rickon?

New posters feel compelled to reply with just "Hodor" in a thread, thinking it is funny.

A thread on favorite House/Family/Who would you want to belong to, the most popular answer is going to be Stark by a large margin.

A new "who would win in a duel.." thread must be started at least once a week.

Recycling Law of the Board: Every thread is bound to be recycled in minimum 2 days, and maximum one year

In every thread about Victarion someone will say he is boring because he is dumb.

Discussions about Bran will often derail into the morality of warging Hodor.

People always forget that a greenseer is NOT restricted to seeing things that happened in front of a weirwood.

In anti-Stannis discussions (rare, I know), he will always be eternally blamed for listening to Mel, but never given credit for listening to Davos

The thread derails within minutes into an equal amount of Stannis circlejerking, bashing and flamebaiting, with Daenerys being thrown into the discussion for good measure. Somewhere along the line, Renly is also brought up and the thread further devolves into the topic of kinslaying.

If your post/thread doesn`t get a youtube/ tumblr link as a response, you`re doing something wrong...

Threads started by newbies containing the formula X+Y=Z in the title will be skipped over by the majority of posters

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Love these threads.

Apart from the stannis laws which I obviously adore, I like the law about untrained vs trained levies. those conversations are always a blast, and though the same arguments get passed around a lot, I love em!

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You had to start with that :)

OK... Here we go...

If your name on the quote box is changed, please know, you have succeeded, or E-Ro did it. And if people know your other name, you could conquer the world...

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Aegon's Law:

Also Table Flipping apparently = Being Worse Than Joff.

I called this "cyvassegate" in one post. I'm so happy to see it on the list.

All posts by Mother of the Others require an experienced psychologist to understand.

In every thread about Victarion someone will say he is boring because he is dumb.

:lol: Legit in tears. :lol:

These are excellent! :thumbsup:

Another law one I noticed:

Calling Sansa "Mrs. Lannister" is offensive and may get you banned.


You forget the Law of 163: All Dany discussions will inevitabbly, without fail be derailed by debates arguments wars free-for-alls about Astapor.

How could this these be forgotten. :lol:

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You forget the Law of 163: All Dany discussions will inevitabbly, without fail be derailed by debates arguments wars free-for-alls about Astapor.

Have you just oy-ed me? That's so adorable... One of my favorite sounds :)

I bow to the master...

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The Rickon one is so true. I forget he exists about five times a day.

Nice lips brah, sexy. I still think your sig is terrible and sexist though ofc. Actually that should be a new law, any discussion with eadie has to include talk of her signature.

btw, you been working out brah? dem lats.

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The Rickon one is so true. I forget he exists about five times a day.

Don't you think we see that beautiful face more than enough? :)

Dany vs Stannis debates are marathon-long talk about who burned less people...

The greatest secret of this board:

shipping forum members

Plus, if it has anything to do with women and animals, I am your guy... Wait, that didn't sound well...

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Nice lips brah, sexy. I still think your sig is terrible and sexist though ofc. Actually that should be a new law, any discussion with eadie has to include talk of her signature.btw, you been working out brah? dem lats.

Thanks. I'd like to think that I have the best lips on the forum, myself.

You're the only one who ever brings it up, brah. Everyone else seems to accept the QoT's razor-sharp wit for what it is: a harmless jape.

what's a lat?

eta: oh, by "terrible and sexist" did you mean that quote of yours? Don't talk yourself down like that.

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Thanks. I'd like to think that I have the best lips on the forum, myself.

You're the only one who ever brings it up, brah. Everyone else seems to accept the QoT's razor-sharp wit for what it is: a harmless jape.

what's a lat?

latissimus dorsi

A muscle in your back.

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