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Small Questions v 10023


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Thanks for the responses. Sorry Brandon Weirtree...I buried my question down in the post so it is not immediately obvious. I need to work on my post writing!

I guess her "false kings" comment struck me this time around because I now see the leech burning as more of a dog and pony show. I think she saw that these kings were going to die and tried to play it that burning the leeches with the king's blood made it happen when really it would have happened regardless. I thought maybe the false king bit plays into that. It does not take much imagination to think that others will step in to fill the breech of fallen kings whether she sees it in the fires or not. I just wonder if she is riffing, saw something vague, or if she saw something concrete.

Thanks again, hope this brain fart makes sense!

It also doesn't take much imagination to think that in a 5 kings free-for-all war, eventually some of them will die. So she may have even not seen it in her fires. A Stannis victory ultimately involves all of those dying, so if Stannis wins / kings start dying, she can take credit.

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Not really a question more of a small comment. I am relistening to ASoS in an Arya/Hound chapter where she scratches her name into trees so that BwB might track her. She does it 3 times before the Hound catches her. Wouldn't it be interesting (poignant, sad, etc.) if Lady Stoneheart came across one of those trees with her name scratched in it. Just a thought I had and no one (but this forum) to share it with.

I hear that. None of my friends are into ASOIAF except my ex-boyfriend. Thank the old gods and the new for this forum.

Your comment is amazing. I am currently mapping out Arya and Lady Stoneheart's respective travels to see if it's a possibility - but either way, I've already added your little scene to my personal version of ASOIAF. So thanks for sharing.

Stoneheart would probably make it her favourite hanging tree


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Nor would I ... I was replying to you! ;)

Ah, my bad! I somehow managed to think it was Harlaw's Book you were quoting. Sorry!

Even more shame on me for not thinking of Lyanna first.

Now that I think on it, Gilly could arguably count too. Southron girls make better brides it seems... Or maybe they just prefer having their husbands killed to running off.

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Well, there is Arriane, who earnestly tried to avoid engagements with Walder Frey and other eldery lords.

Of course Doran was planning on marrying her with such grooms, but she didn't know it at a time.

Interesting to note, runaway grooms seem to be evenly split - we have one from the north (Robb), and one from the south (Blackfish) :P

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I guess Mellario doesn't count, right?

Just out of curiosity, which non-southron girls are you thinking of? Sansa, Alys, Asha?

Hmm. Didn't think of Mellario. Her situation wasn't what I had in mind when I asked the question, but it's arguable either way.

Brienne and Arianne got out several marriage proposals, but Brienne got the grooms to call it off. I don't think Arianne counts as being defiant because she wasn't supposed to accept any of the grooms Doran presented.

The closest example I could think of is Jeyne Westerling, but that isn't confirmed.

The northern examples are the ones that were already mentioned. Also Arya and Wylla Manderly seem like they would run away if they got stuck with marriages they didn't want.

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Also, Oberyn tells Tyrion:

"Has she seduced you yet?" Tyrion asked, unsurprised.
Oberyn laughed aloud. "No, but she will if I meet her price. The queen had even hinted at marriage. Her Grace needs another husband, and who better than a prince of Dorne? Ellaria belevies I should accept. Just the thought of Cersei in our bed makes her wet, the randy wench. And we should not even need to pay the dwarf's penny. All your sister requires from me is one head, somewhat overlarge and missing a nose."

(aSoS, Tyrion IX)

Of course she might not have gone through with it, even if Oberyn did accept. But then again she *did* act on her hints with the Kettleblacks. So I would say she definitely does not count.

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Marriahe isnt exactly the same as sex or seduction though. Its not as if Cersei wed the Kettleblacks, and we were talking about running from marriages so...

ETA: reread the post properly, d'oh! I still dont think she would have gone through with it, it was just her using what she thinks of as a womans weapon

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