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kingslayer in the north

Story lines

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the more I read this forum the more I realize that there are just so many characters and story lines, and i can't imagine that each one of them will end up being critical to the overall plot. So out of the characters I'm about to list, which do you think will end up having the biggest impact in the end?









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Mm this is a great question. I think that the story is so complicated its difficult to figure out what is its most important aspect whether it be the iron throne or the battle of magic that's going on beneath the surface with the white walkers and the lord of light. For me I have to feel that the surviving starks have to play a huge role in the end, so for that reason I'm going with Davos who was tasked with finding Rickon, and Sansa who is technically the Lady of Winterfell and Casterlyrock.

I have a feeling that Theon has made his biggest impact already in Dance. Arianne and the Dornish will have a strong impact also maybe by marrying young Griff?

Victarian is being set up for a nasty end I feel like. The loose ends of westeros like the burning questions about magic and history That we all want to know will be revealed through Samwell. Brienne and Jaime who the hell know what will happen I feel like neither of them have done anything impactful since they were in the tub together.

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