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F*ck, Marry, Kill ASoIaF Style, Part VII

King Tyrion I

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I can't believe you killed Gerris, you monster!

Hey, it was a very hard choice. No way I'm passing up a fuck with Daemon, my girl Arianne's first, and Garlan is one of the nicest guys ever, and so much better than his overrated older brother.

Fuck Lyonel "The Laughing Storm" Baratheon

Marry Jeor Mormont

Kill Harwin

People Arya meets on her travels in ASoS

Thoros of Myr

The Mad Huntsman

The Ghost of High Heart

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Fuck Melisandre

Marry Mance

Kill Bloodraven (but he's still an absolutely badass)

Biggest trolls in Westeros

Roose "Jaime Lannister sends his regards" Bolton

Petyr "I did warn you not to trust me" Baelish

Victarion "I will sail the Dothraki Sea" Greyjoy

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