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I like Osha a lot, just for her simple wildling nature. That's pretty much it; you get a lot more into wildlings later in the series but that's beyond the point of the AGoT section. Besides, she is a good example of a criminal that was only a criminal because that's all she could do as a wildling before-the-Wall. I had high sympathy for her.

And, well, despite being a Stark, I guess Rickon is a somewhat minor character, right? He was just too young to be on scene and you can only get in contact with him via some Bran chapters; however, his explosiveness was something unseen in the other wolf pups -- and I wouldn't blame age alone.


I wish these had stood in scene after the Sack. It'd be fun to see what would turn out of bad-tempered 4 year old Rickon after being raised by a wildling and at roam.

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I agree with OP, I liked Jory a lot. My friends did as well. There was something so nice about him. I also like Maester Luwin, Rodrik Cassel...basically all the people who hang around with the Starks! I liked all the relationships.

And in later seasons, Meera Reed becomes my absolute favourite character :D :D :D

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Funny thing, I like Jory; I like Luwin, and I am indifferent bout Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Other than that, I don't like the Starks. I don't like Robb; I don't like Catelyn; I don't even like Ned.

Season two-three spoiler

I thought Ned was weak. He was too caught up in his "honour" that he ended up sticking his own head up his arse. He was unfaithful to Catelyn when he went off and returned with Jon, and on top of that he never told Jon about his mother. Then he went off to King's Landing and started snooping around. Once he found out the Lannister's little secret he "spared" Cersei, by giving her an opportunity to run. He should have had her seized on the spot. Now on to his weakness, he gave in. He confessed to his "treason." He should have stayed strong. He could have at least used his final words to scream something along the lines of "Joffrey is Jaime's bastard son," but he didn't. Other than telling Stannis, he let it die with him. He let all that research go to waste, he let all of Jon Arryn's research go to waste. I wasn't happy he died; it just didn't phase me. He was more honourable than most of the characters, but as Bronn once said- ("You don't fight with honour"), "No, but he did."

Catelyn, where do I begin? First she's a woman. First, let's start with the biggie, she betrayed her son Robb. Why is this bad? Well for one, she betrayed him. Jaime was a valuable prisoner and she gave him away behind Robb's back. She cared more about her own family than the family of everyone else. Catelyn is not the only person with a family. Lot's of people wanted their family safe, but she doesn't care. She only cares about herself and her own family. She also despised Jon Snow. What did the poor bastard ever do to her? Ned never even told Jon about his mother; the only "mother" Jon ever knew was Catelyn, and she hated him. Yes tis a reminder about what Honourable Ned did, but is ned's "honour" Jon's fault? Is it Jon Snow's fault that Ned got a little lonely when he was away from Catelyn Stark?

Robb. The King of the North. Pfff. Do you remember the conversation Catelyn had with Walder Frey? Walder told Catelyn that the Starks always looked down upon the Freys and spit on them. Frey was a poor old man. He was old, poor, ugly, and weak. He had one last opportunity to do something for the good of his name. All he wanted was for Robb to marry a daughter so that he could pass down something good. Even if his name was lost and forgotten, his blood would live on; Frey didn't care about his name, no, Frey cared about what was really him- blood. Blood has more power than name, but no one understands that. Blood is your life, a name is just something that was thrown on someone a long time ago and has passed down. You can give your name away and get a new one; you can't do that with your blood. Frey understood that. He understood his daughter's children, his grandchildren, wouldn't be Frey's at name, but they would be Frey by blood. You know what Robb thought? Screw that. Robb married a girl he knew for what, a few days? I suppose it's better than marrying someone you've never met, but still- he broke his vow. I forgot the other man's name, but he had to Marry a Frey in place of Robb's wrongdoings.

Sansa. To start, Sansa's a woman. To start, Sansa is selfish. Do you remember the first episode? Where she begged her mother to make daddy take the job? She just cares about herself. What was it she said? "Please please make dad say yes; it's the only thing I ever wanted!" "Only?" That's the "only" thing you've ever wanted? The only thing I've ever wanted was a trillion dollars. The only thing I've ever wanted was to be leader of earth. The only thing I've ever wanted is for Catherine Middleton to want me. Wedding the Prince of Westoros is a bloody big thing to be the "only" thing. If this is the "only" thing she wants, I'd hate to see her Christmas list. What's next? How about the King's Road. How about how she showed her pretty little arse to the king. She knew what the truth was, but she let that only thing she wanted get in the way. An innocent wolf died; an innocent baker's boy died, and she still wanted that only thing.

Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Sansa. The Stark's are bad and selfish people. As mentioned earlier, I am indifferent about Bran, Rickon, and Arya.

I don't like the Starks.

The Cassel's were better people.

Would anyone like to challenge anything I said? I'm open to- and would love to hear- an opposing opinion.

I don't particularly like the Starks, I just liked those minor characters with them that I mentioned. I love other houses way more. Not to say that I hate the Starks or anything, I just don't really care about them. Or well, the house in general. I like Bran and Arya, they are up there with my fave characters, but it has nothing to do with their house. I started to like them way later, in the 4th and 5th books. I don't care about Catelyn or Ned, but I do like Sansa. She's my second or third favourite character. I started liking her in the later half of ASOS. But you can have your own opinion, of course.

And sorry, am I just getting the wrong vibe or do you hate women?

Edit: augh my spelling is horrible XD

Oh, and I like Robb, but that's more just because Richard Madden is hot. But I like the character as well. Whenever I think about how he was just a young teenage boy I really feel sorry for him

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Two of them are kind of main, but mine would be Theon, Jaime, The Hound, and Samwell.

They're all pretty main imo

I'd also forgotten Benjen. Still hope he'll show up alive.

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