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Actually the Black Pearl is a direct descendant of the original Black Pearl. The original was a princess from the Summer Isles, who was a lover of Aegon IV.

No, you are mixing them up a little, I think. The original Bellegere Otherys was the lover of King Aegon VI. Their daughter became the first Black Pearl. Bellegere herself was a pirate captain.

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I did not take it that way at all. I'm currently doing not a re-read, but a listen to the audio books, and just listened to the Braavos sections yesterday and today. Arya , as Cat, regularly sells her mussels and clams in the brothels, and sees and hears everything about Dareon, his singing, his marriage to the Sailor's Wife, Samwell being thrown into the canal after the fight. As Arya she knows all about the Wall, and the Oath Jon has to swear, and knows her father executed the Crow who deserted the Wall. Arya kills Dareon as a Stark, because she's the only Stark there and the Starks execute deserters. I don't think she has any idea that Jon is the Commander. That's also why when the kindly man asks her to tell him the three new things she knows, she tells him Dareon was killed, and it was Arya of the House Stark who did it.

I did a re-read, and noticed that the next chapter of Arya after that one (already in aDwD) it's Blind Beth, and there she knows for a fact that Jon is Lord Comander.

It's not clear when exactly does she notice that her brother is LC, but I wouldn't cross out enterily the possibility that in aFfC she already knows that info. She is clearly what Martin calls an unreliable character, not because she is delusional or anything like that, but because she seems detached or unaware of the info she's receiving, and we're never certain if she actually got it or not.

If you live in the states try BlueStacks it's a free Android emulator for Windows, you still have to get a GooglePlay account and pay for the app(5-6 bucks I think) but it keeps you from having to buy a whole new phone.

Nope, but thanks for the info anyway, and perhaps it helps someone from there that doesn't have access to android.

Is the "Black Pearl" moniker for the Braavosi courtesans bearing that name a reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean series?

Lol, and there's also the reference of the Pirate Queen. Although i bet if asked, Martin would denied the connection.

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