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Chapter 53 Daenerys IX

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Oh my god!! What a chapter!

Let's start with unborn puppies on a stick. LOL OMG! If ever there was a prelude to a day of unbridled barbarism this is it. Do you think the stick goes up through the anus and out through the mouth? Do you think the bones have formed yet? or can you you just bite off the head. Does it taste like chicken? And let's not forget dog sausages, quite a bit different I think then hot dogs served up at the upcoming baseball opener. Let us not forget Hizdahr attempt to poison Dany with the same Locusts Strong Belwas ate.

I have been a little disappointed in Dany of late. There is a quote in chapter VIII of hers, I can't quite find but she says she feels more like a little girl. I would agree, she seems almost too soft hearted. Taking care of the sick and dying outside her gates which exposed her own people to the disease. I mean use some common sense, they are dying already and disease can wipe out whole cities. Consenting to marry Hizdahr to keep the peace, in her own Meereen, against the Sons of the Harpy. Some good solid ass kicking will take care of that. I am not even sure what she really desires. I think she just wants to rule Meereen, but then there is Westerose she wants to rule, as well, and to stamp out slavery. Who really has control now that Dany is married? The king or queen?

Then there are the Dragons. She has some connection with them, it is clear. But what is this symbiosis? It seems different then The Stark wargs. They are aware of her and seem to have an affections for her or at least they don't kill her. Yet she has not really tried to tame them. I think Drogon appears because she is upset. She seems to have some sort of hidden instinct when it comes to dragons, for example to jump into the pit and start whipping Drogon is just not what you would expect. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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