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New Tyrion Excerpt Anyone? (SPOILERS)

Bringer of Rain

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I guess Afeastfordragons is refering to Tyrion hoping that Pod has found "a better man to serve". If so, I don't think that's an insult at all. For sure, GRRM didn't intend it that way. It's just a funny comment.

ETA: BTW, there's another whole thread discussing this chapter:

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This is going against the grain a bit but I neither liked nor disliked it as a whole. There was enough to make it interesting, but also enough to hint that Tyrion's chapters still suffer the same weaknesses.

The obvious lead up to the dragons in battle, the cyvasse imagery and the dialogue were gripping. Tyrion's recollections of his father and Tysha, and internal thoughts, were as repetitive as they were in Dance of Dragons.

But I'm certainly glad I read it.

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