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New Tyrion Excerpt Anyone? (SPOILERS)

Bringer of Rain

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This is going against the grain a bit but I neither liked nor disliked it as a whole. There was enough to make it interesting, but also enough to hint that Tyrion's chapters still suffer the same weaknesses.

The obvious lead up to the dragons in battle, the cyvasse imagery and the dialogue were gripping. Tyrion's recollections of his father and Tysha, and internal thoughts, were as repetitive as they were in Dance of Dragons.

But I'm certainly glad I read it.

Tyrion's thoughts on Tysha and his father are repetitive, but that's normal and human. He's completely traumatized. In once sense, he hated his father. But in another, he desperately wanted his approval. If his father could have shown him just a small bit of love, Tyrion would have worshiped him. He speaks about his father in that same paragraph with almost a sense of awe - how resplendent he looked in his armor at the battle of the green fork. So Tyrion must feel a lot of guilt over killing his father that he hasn't really dealt with yet.

As for Shae, we know he loved her. When Tyrion earlier in DwD talks about "Why do I deserve to live?" and he recollects the horrible deaths he visited on Shae and his father he is demonstrating the dispair and guilt he feels. He's not over it and because he hasn't completely dealt with his feelings, he's going to continue to rehash it until he either reconciles what he did and forgives himself, makes some sort of amends, or becomes a murderous sociopath.

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