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In what order should the sample chapters be read?


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Is there any indication of the proper order in which to read the sample chapters? If so, what is the correct order? Of course they may end up rearranged in the final version of the book, but for those just now interested in looking at the sample chapters, what should we do?

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This might be a good place to get a general overview.

Regarding the reading order: To be strictly honest with you, it doesn't matter all that much...

(1) Obviously you should've read Tyrion I / Barristan I / Arianne I before you continue to read Tyrion II / Barristan II / Arianne II, respectively.

(2) The Theon and Mercy (Arya) chapters are pretty isolated plotlines, so simply take your pick.

(3) My main advice: Make sure you read the Victarion chapter before moving on to Tyrion II or Barristan II.

Hope that helps!

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