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Fundraiser 2014

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Hello! Traditionally, we've run these in the summer, but it's a special occasion this time around: Westeros.org preparing for the launch of season 4 by moving to a more spacious, powerful server (twice the RAM, _four_ times the bandwidth)! And not just that, but during this show period, we'll be running a two-server setup which will hopefully keep everything running steady even when we're flooded with traffic. It's already implemented in fact, and so far it seems to be running very smoothly.

At the end of the season we plan to retire the trusty old warhorse that is the previous server (named segfault). Previous fundraisers have basically covered the previous year's running cost of that server, and we thought it'd be best if we hold that fundraiser now to cover the last 9 months plus the upcoming 3. When all is said and done, everything will be paid for... and going forward, we believe no more fundraisers are going to be needed to keep things going as we're looking to the cloud for extra processing power by the time next year goes around.

The Westeros.org community has been and remains the largest community on the web dedicated to George R.R. Martin's work and all things that have sprung from it. It's the community that's made the forums and the wiki what they are, and it's the community that has supported our efforts over the years to share the love we all have for A Song of Ice and Fire.

If you’ve ever used the resources of Westeros.org, discussed a theory on the forum, browsed the wiki please consider chipping in a bit of money for the fundraiser! The funds raised will go directly to our wonderful server admin Sparks, who has done yeoman's work keeping things together even as it became more and more difficult to keep abreast of the traffic.

Many thanks for your time, consideration, and (we hope) your donation! GoFundMe allows payments through credit card or Paypal; sorry, we can’t take money orders, cheques, or cash, but we do appreciate the thought!

To donate, just head on over to GoFundMe!

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And we're done! The downtime immediately following my closing it was sheer coincidence, by the by -- user error on my part. My apologies!

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