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How would you rate episode 402?


How would you rate episode 402?  

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Was a bit slow for an R.R. episode. Loved Reek. The telling of Robb's death while the blade was right at this neck was amazing. Stanis was boring. They really are taking the teeth away from him. I understand why they changed Bronn to Jaime's trainer, camera time and all, but it does take away from the on-the-nose training of Ser Payne. The Red Viper was again, very Red Viper. Joff's death was perfect. He was just the right shade of purple.

All and all I was ready to give this episode a 6 or 7. Then I noticed the three musicains playing the Rain's for Joff was fucking Sigur Rós! I shouted, "Dude, that's fucking Sigur Rós!!!!" Everyone in the room just stared at me.

Instantly boosted my rating to a 9.

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7/10 for pre-wedding, 9/10 for the wedding, split difference call the episode an 8/10.

I thought pre-wedding the scenes just didn't do enough, they were mostly reminders that these characters exist (particularly for the Dragonstone crew). I did like the scene between Roose and Ramsay, but it went on too long. Bran's vision was pretty good too.

The wedding was great. It was awesome seeing so many characters all in one place again, and all the different interactions. Plus the ending of course.

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An 8 for me. The Joffrey-Tyrion build up was excellent, but there were a lot of vignettes at the wedding that I didn't find compelling -- too many hammering-the-point moments (Oberyn with his triple "former queen regent", Cersei's "But you love Jaime") which felt labored. Even GRRM can't manage to be subtle on this show.

The Bolton material was, OTOH, very good, and I'm liking the family dynamic focus of our first reintroduction to Dragonstone. Nice Bran bit with the vision and the voice of the three-eyed crow, too.

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I gve it a seven, for the most part it was awesome, but it lost a point for making Mace less power hungry and less assertive and 2 for killing Axell and making him a seven worshipper! Damn you D&D!!!

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