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How would you rate episode 402?


How would you rate episode 402?  

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Agreed. This would have been a lot more focused and better if they'd just stayed all episode at KL. It is, after all, the send off of Joffrey. Why not have an ep long build-up to his death. Interestingly, this was penned by Martin, who also penned (bar the Theon gelding) the choppiest and least effective episode last season. Authors aren't necessarily the best people to adapt their own work, but I'm guessing he might have felt a bit hindered at having to resolve too many deviations prior writers have put forth.

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9.5 for me, rounded up to a 10. Last 20 minutes pulled it over the line.

Purple Wedding itself was surprisingly true to the book, right down the the Pigeon Pie and the dwarves, which I really didn't think they'd include. Bran's vision was a little odd, but most of the Bolton stuff was excellent. All King's Landing scenes appreciated.

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A solid 8.

I feel this episode could have skipped Stannis' and Bran's stories and jumped straight to KL after Reek and the Boltons.

With so many colorful characters in KL in one spot, they could have branched out more.

Olenna could have talked about Mace making it clear she thought he was an idiot, a longer Loras and Jaime scene, more of Cersei and maybe Varys. Oberyn could have been more involved.

But towards the end it got really fantastic.

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The wedding was good, Jack Gleeson did a splendid job as always. The dwarf re-enactment of the War of the Five Kings was wonderful and horrible at the same time. But somehow I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed, I don't know why.

I enjoyed the Bran visions, and the Dreadfort scene.

Stannis' burning of the "infidels" wasn't in-character, but I have never been a fan of that hypocrite anyway, so I'm not that bothered.

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After last episode, this one was really poor.

Needed some Arya but besides that.....

I'm giving it a 6 for Bran, Stannis, Roose, Ramsay, Reek/Theon, Brienne, Bronn, Joffrey and Margery.

I'm giving it a minus 2 for no Arya.

I'm giving it a minus 2 for the overacting of Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal, the bored acting of Charles Dance, NCW and for everyone else in Kings Landing who looked like they are all just phoning it in for what could have been an amazing episode.

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Gotta say I thought a lot of this episode was pretty weak. It did have some great moments and decent character interchanges but I felt not enough was happening until the last 5-10 minutes. This is one of the few episodes I've not much cared for. But hey, nothing's perfect - and I liked Joffrey's death.

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Gave it an 8. Liked most of it, to me Dragonstone was my least favorite part this week.

Liked that they gave the 3 eyed crow a voice, people who didn't know that the crow, wasn't just a crow should now be interested more.

Liked Loras' jab at Jaime as he walked away...basically, You will never marry her either sister f'er!

And any episode where the King prick dies has to be good.

Liked fat Walda appearance, again, wonder how many remember he got her weight in silver?

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7/10. Excellent ending and the Ramsay/Roose scenes were great, but the rest of it felt a little plodding and slow. The continued blackwashing of Stannis bothers me a bit, but I actually liked the Mel/Shireen scene.

I was worried they were going to botch or ignore the climax's build up in regards to Tyrion vs Joff, but it was done well enough. Decent episode and a good send-off to one of the show's best actors.

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