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How would you rate episode 403?


How would you rate episode 403?  

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Besides the Sam scenes, I liked the episode. Dany didn't bore me to tears like usual. I thought they set up things pretty well.

Minuses go to the Jaime portrayal, that was just bad and to the champion fight. Anti climatic as hell.

Also new Daario still sucks imo, and they had a chance to show off some moves and they had him go with the cop out shot instead.

Will have to rewatch before I give a grade though.

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This was one a the few times I was actually happy to see Dany and Mereen. Emilia Clarke did a fabulous job.

Tywin, as always, was a show stealer.

What I really hated was the suggestiveness that the sex in the sept was less than consensual.

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It was a solid episode throughout, but not much stood out as outstanding either. I didn't much like Sam's scenes, but that's about it for my complaints.*

*Except one. I don't usually have any issues with the show's production designs, but it looked embarrassingly warm and sunny during the wilding raid. What happened to winter? If it weren't the Starks' words, viewers could be forgiven for thinking winter already came and went and now its early summer.

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A strong 9 until Dany.

Then a 10!

Emilia can really nail it when she is speaking High Valyrian.

She was excellent this episode.

I thought all the dialog was unformly better written this episode

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There were some good scenes, but there were also some bad ones. That Jaime/Cersei scene was horrible and made no sense. They are too set in their characterizations. Cersei and Tyrion get consistently lightened as characters, but when Jaime goes through an actual in book transition, they are resistant to following through with it.

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This one was a 9 for me. Tyrion & Pod, Tywin & Tommen, Tywin & Oberyn, Littlefinger & Sansa all were really great scenes. I also liked the ending, although the fight could have been a little more entertaining. But nevermind, it shows that Daario is super badass. Sam's scenes sucked a little though.

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8. I looked back over my votes for the first three episodes over the previous seasons, and this one has had the best results from me (yes, even outdoing season 1 -- Lord Snow got a 7), so kudos to them for a solid start. Reviewed it in more detail here, where I think it's fair to say that it's actually a fairly elegantly written episode. I'm a sucker for stories with a strong thematic through-line, though.

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