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How would you rate episode 403?


How would you rate episode 403?  

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7. I really enjoyed Davos and Shireen, and even the Stannis and Davos scene. Tywin and Tommen's scene was quite good. Tywin and Oberyn was good; the scene that preceded it...we get it...Oberyn likes everything.

Sam's stuff seemed to drag a little, but I still love him and his "family".

I hoped they'd let go of the man-flesh angle with the Thenns, but it seems that's not going to be the case.

I hope we'll see the Mountain next episode.

Pod was good this episode, but him taking Kevan's role irked me a bit.

Jon and Dany's arcs were ok. Hope we get to see Bloodraven, Leaf, or Coldhands next episode.

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I don't think I liked synopsis of the episode. Scenes alone are good, some are better then the others as usual, and its normal, but after KING"S DEATH I would expect to see more of an aftermath. Seeing Sam and Gilly running around Mole's town in such dramatic place of the story was just boring for me.

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Gave it an 8. Enjoyed the scene with Danaerys. Was afraid the new Daario wouldn't be able to pull it off, but he acquitted himself rather well.

Thought the scene with Sam and Gilly worrying about the NW men got a bit drawn out, enjoyed the wildling fight and the Tywin scene.

Seems they thought Jamie was appearing too nice, so had to scuff him up a bit? In the book it's usually Cersei who's behaving atrociously.

Littlefinger as icky as ever.

I almost got a little teary when Tyrion ordered Pod to leave KL.

ETA: They have got the Dornish right.

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Yes the Jaime and Cersei scene came off too rough unfortunately (espcially for non-book readers) but I think the intention was the same as the books (backed by a quote from the director of this episode here:

goo.gl/qSq8LV). So not getting my panties in a bunch over it.

Yeah, I think some of us may have missed the consensual part, I definitely didn't see it.

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Dialogue was great as usual.

Love that Jaime went for another child without hesitation.

Balish took the claim to North from Tywin. I am very interested to see what he has in mind as far as Tyrrion's trial. North is a mess, Castle Black can't call for troops? Rebellion was crushed but it is not? Just a weird story line.

I like Arya and the Hound, I just wish they would get to where ever they are going. There was no point in the scenes this episode, other than to say winter is coming, maybe.

Daenerys's story line has been meaningless for the last two seasons. I like that they kept it to minimum and hope it stays that way.

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I gave it an 8 because of the Jaime:Cersei scene not sitting all too well with me and because I do not yet see what they're setting up with Gilly. Other than that, superb acting and dialogue and the last scene made me feel that the new daario is a nice compromise between the one from episode 1 of this season and the one from last season. Keep writing him like that D&D, please. Lots of great speeches in the episode.

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This episode was pretty good but not spectacular. Nothing memorable.

Plus points - Tywin and Oberyn, Pod's farewell, Hound being smart, Wildling attack, Dany at the Gates.

Minus points - Sam scenes, should have shown more Cersei and Jaime, especially after the sex.

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This one was a 9 for me. Tyrion & Pod, Tywin & Tommen, Tywin & Oberyn, Littlefinger & Sansa all were really great scenes. I also liked the ending, although the fight could have been a little more entertaining. But nevermind, it shows that Daario is super badass. Sam's scenes sucked a little though.

^^ This

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A very good episode. For the first time since season 1 Dany and her storyline doesn't bore me to tears. or make me cringe with second hand embarrassment. I like the homage to Indiana Jones they did with Daario's champion fight. This episode gets an 8 for that miraculous feat alone.

What's going on with Aidan Gillen? In every other show I see him in, and there are plenty, he delivers decent performances. Come to GOT and he's a prime roasted ham of the first order. What is going on? Also, LF in now Irish apparently?

The Jaime/Cersie scene was a let down on many levels, least of them that it came off as borderline rape. The scene leaves very little room for interpretation but I can live with it, however I can not live with the timid and reticent acting, and the way the scene was blocked and directed was mediocre at best. It drew all the power away from what should have been a very emotionally powerful and cognitively controversial scene.

I'm editing this for the record:

I initially said above that it was borderline rape, but after rewatching the scene several time, noticing little things like Cersie pushing Jaime's face away from her as she sobs and says don't, I have changed my mind. It's not borderline rape, it is rape.

The reason I'm editing now is because frankly I'm getting sick of the show writers and director flip flopping on the issue. first saying rape then not, then rape, then not again. So I thought I should have it stated clearly what I think for the forum record, if there is such a thing.

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Yeah, I think some of us may have missed the consensual part, I definitely didn't see it.

Same here.

In the book, it was definitely consensual - now Jaime is a rapist (ok sleeping with your sister isn't exactly a badge of honour, but still). If the directors intention was to show she gave her consent he failed miserably. I don't know how this is anything other than character assassination in the part of D&D I'm afraid. (And I'm someone who has been supportive of these two on the whole).

As for the rest of the episode, it was solid enough. It wasn't on a par with the last two eps, but it did it's job. The whole scene in the sept just leaves a very bad after taste for the whole ep.

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I feel the redeeming scenes included how masterfully they depicted Cersei feeling extremely threatened and almost trapped, Daario killing the 'champion' from Meereen and the Hound's rather accurate advice to Arya after stealing the farmer's silver.

Jaime and Cersei.. the rape scene.. I mean this woman is the only one mourning the loss of her child, and after listening to her father insult her dead child and display his powers of manipulation using her other son and effectively the ruler, she is raped by the only person she trusts and cares for otherwise.. right next to her dead son's corpse. I mean damn.

Daario was just plain awesome.. the way he stood there waiting after winking at Dany.. waiting.. lol thinking of the best way to kiss that knife, look sexy and glance at Dany at the same time.. then in two seconds he finishes off the arrogant 'champion'. Swag.

That bit where the Hound blew his nose was a bit gross haha, but he was on point with his later advice to Arya after stealing the silver. Weak people aren't going to survive, let alone through winter. I really began to like and pity the farmer and his little daughter; they were kind and trusting. It was difficult to hear the Hound's reasoning afterward, but it was so (distressingly) true. It felt like a necessary juxtaposition to have someone who has harnessed strength from past suffering and who has a greater likelihood of survival, and others who have good intentions but likely won't make it much further in a world full of strife.

The rest of the episode was pretty good, but these scenes stood out to me.

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Jaime was upset over the rape of Elia and her children. He saved Brienne from rape at the expense of his hand. At one point he says that, if he were a woman, he would rather die than be raped.

In this episode he goes on to rape Cersei in the sept. There is no argument to be made here, by the way, because it was obviously rape. This undermines his character to start with, as well as the development that he's gone through since the second season.

Now I know how Stannis fans feel.

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Some scenes were fantastic. Some were flat, and some really suffered from what were obviously time constraints


  • Tywin/Tommen/Cercei - really loved this scene. Tywin broke the chain Cersei thought she had on Tommen. And Tommen showed there is hope for the future
  • Tyrion/Pod - A really well paced scene from gifts to gradual ramping up of the bad news, the climactic 'Pod. This is goodbye.'
  • Tywin/Oberyn - brilliantly showed Tywin's sharp political mind and added depth to Oberyn and a shrewd operator.

Quite Good

  • Demonstration of Wildling threat
  • NW meeting at Castle Black showing their dilemma
  • Sam/Gilly at Moles Town
  • Meeree CGI, Dany's Valyrian and the bombardment


  • Oberyn/Ellaria - meh, we get it
  • Baelish/Sansa - It just felt flat, possibly because I don't buy in to the TV Baelish.

Could Have Been Better

  • The dog and the wolf - started well but I thought it fell flat. Would rather have seen them stay there, so next time they could be attacked and have the opportunity for a discussion about the Gift of Mercy
  • Stannis/Davos - Clearly rushed. Actors racing through their lines to save time. Dramatic effect suffered
  • Davos/Shireen - Clearly rushed. Actors racing through lines etc - see above
  • Sansa/Dontos - Clearly rushed to save time. The image of her in the hood is truly beautiful and one I was looking forward to, but the whole escape taking barely a minute but moving from early afternoon to evening meant it lost so much.
  • Sam/Gilly at CB - I feel this would have been better played if there had been some actual menace displayed to Gilly and Sam was reacting to a clear and present danger. It is sweet they are trying to set up a romance but it just felt it missed the mark.
  • Champion of Meereen - I have no problems with the rapid take-down by Daario, but I just felt the scene construction was wrong - the angle the charge happened on, the position of Dany etc as it happened and whatnot.
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+ Really like Tommen-Tywin scene

+ It still seemed clear to me that Cersei was only partly resisting

+ Show Alliser continues to kick ass and be just reasonable enough to be much more interesting

+ Jon Snow's arguments were sound

+ IN ITSELF these Dragonstones scene are cool

+ Dany was on fire

+ Tyrion is okay with Pod testifying against him, shows Shae will have to go the extra mile

+ No spoonfeeding us that Ygritte and Tormund are the "good" wildlings

+ Sam has real flaws

- Meereen fight was way too short

- Could do with less Oberyn sex


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Lena Headey is blowing me away with her portrayal of Cersei this season. The subtlety of her performance during the Tywin/Tommen exchange was captivating. I wonder whether the show is paving the way for Cersei to become more like her book counterpart.

Is it just me or does Emilia Clarke's performance improve markedly when she starts speaking Valyrian? Her speech at the end was wonderful. I also enjoyed the 'twist' about the crates containing collars, although a reminder about the mile markers would not have gone amiss. Daario was perfect.

One of the thing that struck me about this episode was the lighting. Nothing short of spectacular. Especially the scenes featuring Sansa's escape, within the Great Sept of Baelor and the wildling assault. Although some of the directorial choices were peculiar at best.

As for the downsides: the Sam/Gilly scenes felt tedious although they did develop Sam's character. Similarly, I feel like I have seen the scenes with Arya and the Hound before.

Going forward, I am really looking forward to the scenes at the Wall. I have never said that before, but Harington is doing a great job as Jon this season. The tension really is beginning to ramp up.

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Gave it an 8.

Mainly because Sam's scenes were really boring, as well as Marg/Olenna, and even tho I don't mind brothel scenes and understand why they must be in the show, this one was seemed absolutely useless to me. Oh and I also think Sansa's escape could've been handled better.

Everything else I found good or awesome.

Tywin/Tommen, Tywin/Oberyn, final Castle Black scene, and esp. Dany's scene was great. I don't get why people are calling this "flat". It was here best scene since Dracarys.

Anyway, Pyp won the episode: "I don't think I can kill a hundred wildlings" :cool4:

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