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How would you rate episode 403?


How would you rate episode 403?  

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I gave this an unreserved 10. It had absolutely everything you'd want it to, and was practically perfect. A few pacing issues maybe with the Sam and Gilly scenes, but nothing too serious. Martin made a bit of a rush-job on his own material last week and the alterations were pretty variable and the end results were patchy. It was a very good episode which should have been much more. Changes here were minor and worked in terms of the series, but overall this was the most source-sensitive and character-consistent episode we've had in quite a while. All of the King's Landing scenes were perfectly dialogued and judged, especially the much needed bonus scene between Oberyn and Tywin, and the heartbreaking scene between Tyrion and Pod in the Tower. The Meereen scene at the end was just epic. They've changed the order of events around between the taking of Meereen and Yunkai, and it's Daario, not Fat Belwas, who kills the champion outside the gates. But the alterations, dramatically speaking, are improvements, especially since we can now see how much Dany's favouritism of Daario is alienating Jorah Mormont. There's nothing significant I can fault with this. If it keeps on going on this tack instead of randomly screwing around with what wasn't broken, the rest of the season will be a blast.

Note: The low marks it has been getting are indicative of how well it succeeds in what it is doing. We need more steadily built and paced episodes like this one instead of those which barge through events just to get to the next big moment of drama, in order to do real justice to the immersiveness of the books.

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Another 7 from me earned entirely by Lord Tywin and aided by Pod.

The rest of the episode was meh.

Didnt like what they did with The Hound this episode but it is probably setting up Arya leaving him.

No Fat Belwas, Jamie out of character as a Rapist, Oberyn being Oberyn (again), big buildup then letdown when the championship fight becomes a pissing contest.. Would have at least liked a better look at the City Champion, being filtered through the Unscrotumed did the costume and character no justice.

Dany, on the other hand was perfect. Her speech was delivered cold, emotionless and without inflection just like the rest of her acting but here it worked!!! Maybe it was because I would rather read the subtitles than watch her.

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6 out of 10.

Kind of regret my low rating when I come to think of it. Just finished the episode, maybe should have at least given it a 7.

Really liked it but what brought it down in rating was the differences from the books. Of course that doesn't affect the show but to me as a reader it was in my face quite clearly.

Two important things, what the hell was that with Jaime and what deflection are Weiss and Benioff taking with Craster's Keep?

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A 10. Best episode of the season.


I give it a nine.5

Acting, and the pace of direction/editing was the best of this season by far!

I'm not wild about all of the book deviations (season two was the main offender in this regard, though) - but TV is rarely this well-made anyways, as this episode amply demonstrates. Maise truly added a lot to her role here,as it seems her acting chops just get stronger. Sansa/Dontos/LF was just about spot-on, and the Tywin scenes are Mr. Dance's pleasure, it seems. What a smooooth talker, heh.

This one only misses a 10 due to the sam&gilly scenes being reducible to about a minute of story, instead of ten. And I know the budget only gives us so much of them because it's complicated to produce greatness, but: ~no dragons~ :crying:

Still a great epi, tho.

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I also gave it an unreserved 10. I thought the episode was fantastic except for portraying Oberyn and Eleria Sand as sex maniacs. I think that has gone too far and certainly way beyond anything the books give us.

The Sansa/Littlefinger section was great and I am glad to see that they are sticking to the book. I am curious to see how things play out and if the ending of the season is the same as the end of book 3, SOS.

Actually I thought the whole episode was great and love how they end with strong Dany scenes more often than not. I think Emilia Clark is doing a great job as Dany.

This forum seems to have very harsh critics. I think this is the best show on television and really look forward to the episodes all week.

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I gave it an 8. Not an action-heavy episode but very well written with some excellent scenes. The show has gotten so much better in how it presents expository dialogue.


- Sansa's escape was well-handled and dramatic without getting silly. Essentially it's exactly what I envisioned from the book.

- Tywin/Tommen/Cersei was an excellent scene all around. I know opinions vary on this, but I think new Tommen was a great casting choice.

- Tywin/Oberyn was a fun exchange that made a lot of sense.

- Pod/Tyrion was so incredibly well-played by both actors. I was surprised at how it affected me emotionally.

- Dany the breaker of chains was fine, although as an audience member it made me want to scream WHERE ARE YOUR DRAGONS?


- Damn you, Cersei/Jaime scene! Why have the gods cursed you with such inept directing?

- New Daario still doesn't register with me and I'm not sure he ever will. He's dull as fuck and he and Dany's "flirting" interplay comes across as forced in a manner not often seen in this series.

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That's what I keep asking myself (about Craster's Keep).

From the spoilers given in comments at wic. net we might know what's going to happen at Crasters keep. Bran and co are going to stumble there and most likely get captured. Jon and Grenn lead a mission there to kill the nights watch traitors and as a result they unknowingly free Brand group. Rast uses one of Crasters baby's as a hostage and challenges Jon to single combat. Rast tries to push Jon to a fire to no effect (strange that D&D are going with that angle considering that Jon was burned by a lantern in season 1). The mission is successful and Jon takes the baby back to castle black. This is probably a replacement to Mance's baby which I also find odd

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I gave it an 8. Don't care that Strong Belwas wasn't there since we really don't need yet another character in the show. Didn't like the directing of the Jaime/Cersei scene. Definitely not clear enough that it wasn't pure rape even though that's what they were trying to do (she does kiss him throughout though).

Otherwise, I was a fan. I like episodes like this where it's more focused on the character interactions and also giving a sense of how some of the little people are affected. I don't need shock and awe every episode and I felt this was a well paced episode with some excellent scenes though they still had their big finish with Dany.

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