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How would you rate episode 404?


How would you rate episode 404?  

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My my favorite deviation so far of course besides the Tywin/ Arya scenes. I agree with the fellow posters about how they were able to capture Ghost. The Hodor torment was particularly brutal didn't like that at all. As far as the book readers being spoiled about what the White Walkers are doing with Crasters sons I wonder if that's how GRRM intended it to be or if it will be revealed as different in the later novels.

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I guess, I just don't see the point you're trying to make.

Oh, I meant the confusing rappy looking scene Jaime and Cersei had is going to stick on Jaime for a while, after a bit of youtube arguments the official word will soon past.

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- Daenerys "evil" moment was rushed. Like a visit to the ass doctor. Something that it so evident D&D dont want to do.... I belive it was shorter than all Stannis evil moments. Even the last one.

- Dont like the butterfly effect of Bran and Jon story.

- Book spoiler area grows bigger and bigger....now we know were WW come from.

- Older Tommen cast switches a childish lovely character to one likely gay or dumb.

- Cartoonish evil guys in Crasters.

Its a 4.

Nice stereotyping there, sir. So if a teenage boy likes cats, he's most likely gay? You are as dumb as you think Tommen is. I think the show is going in the right direction with Tommen. He's a sweet, innocent older boy who is very naive and clearly infatuated with Margaery. This way the show is keeping Tommen close to his book counterpart while making the necessary changes to accommodate the actor's older age. The only point I agree with you about is the cartoonish evil guys at Craster's. Drinking from Mormont's skull was silly and OTT but I really want to punch the actor playing Karl in the face so he must be doing something right.

Anyway, that was a fantastic episode! Love the changes they have made with Bran's clunker of a storyline (for the most part) and that final shot with the White Walkers was absolutely stunning. Bryan Cogman is fantastic and the show feels very fresh with the changes they made this episode.

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This is my favorite episode so for this season - a 10. I like the departures from the book. Joffery's murder is more explicitly explained, and it's nice to get that out of the way. And what the hell is going beyond the wall? None of this was in the books, but I think that makes the show new and exciting again.

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This was one of my favorite episodes across all seasons. You can put me in the camp that dislikes having Bran's story tie in with Craster's, but it at least makes his story more entertaining and makes it less detached from the rest of the characters. I don't think anything major will become of that deviation.

The Night's King reveal was fucking huge. I'm not positive how I feel about his appearance, but the show doing what I'd hoped GRRM would do (Give us any insight to what appears to be the most important part of the story through five books) was great. Not being tied down to PoVs really helped here. I wont be able to stop thinking about this for a long time.

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Two points:

This isn't that big of a spoiler, IMO, the last scene. It just confirms stuff everyone pretty much believes, re: Craster's sons (and which is even more the case with the show, as we actually see an Other pick up the child there). Is the guy at the end the Great Other? I doubt it. There seemed to be another 12 (yeah, 13 in total) of him off to one side. Think this is more some sort of ... leadership group. Which is sort of spoilery and sort of not, because while GRRM says they don't have a "culture" per se, someone's got to make them their swords and armor and lead them, I guess.

Also, to be technically accurate, the wolves are not CGI. They are composited into the scene, and are 100% real wolves. I agree they did some great lighting matching, though.

ETA: More thoughts, plus links to the post-episode featurettes from HBO, at the Oathkeeper episode guide. Still working away on the recap (yeah, 5 AM here).

Just wondering, I watched inside the episode because I was curious to see what D&D would say about the last scene, and they just refer to all of them as WW. Though that is clearly not a formerly dead human or mummified human raised from the dead and riding a horse. There are lines within the skin but the skin is not leathered and dried then frozen like on the sort of commander WW or whatever you would call them. These seem something closer to actual Others but D&D didn't mention it. Darth popsicle as some are calling him clearly had a some major differences, skin, teeth, horn sickles on his head. Plus I think he was dressed by the cenobites.

And no you don't need to answer me directly but just if you had any "Other" thoughts. I agree I highly doubt that's the great Other. But does seem a lot closer to the Others from the books than what we have seen so far. I believe D&D also said that is where the WW come from so, the Land of always winter, and it does have the lights, weather that's right or not, the way the y did it I don't know, but it did have lights. Odd that it was day time.

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