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How would you rate episode 404?


How would you rate episode 404?  

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I gave the episode a 9/10.

The King's Landing scenes were excellent. This week it was NCW's turn to shine and he really delivered. I particularly enjoyed the scenes he had with Tyrion and Brienne.

As for the reveal about the White Walkers. I think this was a necessary evil, to be honest this whole storyline doesn't excite me in either the show or the books. A question was answered that has been hanging since Season 2. The show runners really have milked that question and the answer is somewhat satisfying.

But why on earth did they not include a small scene featuring Gilly and little Sam in this episode?! They would have fit here perfectly! Sometimes the decisions on who to include in which episode perplex me!

I enjoyed that the emphasis on Dany's storyline was placed on Grey Worm. That was a brilliant idea, it really showed how important Dany's liberation is to the Unsullied and the Freedmen. That being said, they did shy away from underlining the fact that her motives for killing the Masters was questionable.

Bryan Cogman's writing is fantastic. He really knows these characters inside out (it was nice to see drunk Cersei again). However Michelle MacLaren showed once again that she cannot capture the same depth in the action sequences as she does in 1-1 scenes. The taking of Meereen was incredibly flat, whereas the staging of the Tommen-Margaery scene and the Tyrion-Jaime scene was fantastic.

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If Locke can reach to wall so fast then why its still getting late for more than 50k wildings to reach near d wall. Why mance is taking so long ?

Why d fuck Jon snow wants to risk his life to go again to craster keep? Just to kill those traitor to bury d secret who knows d total number of people manned on d wall ?

He knows d wildings can warg eagle as satellite surveyllance to collect d info ? By using eagle Wildings can easily find out how many castles r unmanned at d wall ? N why mance need castle black to invade. Tormund is already on south of wall. He can choose any other 16 castle which r unmanned n make way for wildings to invade.why d fuck some one waste their time for castle black ?

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6 out of 10. It's very obvious they're running incredibly thin for book material, so that's why nearly all of this episode was "original" stuff. I feel like Daenery's moment of cruelty was rushed and not properly done (what do you expect, they didn't want to ruin her complete transformation into Jesus Christ the Savior). The Grey Worm and Missandei bit was kind of pointless. I don't really like how anything in King's Landing is developing right now. It's moving at a snail's pace and becoming very redundant. The Oathkeeper scene was kind of anti-climactic and flat, and lacked the cathartic nature it had in the book. Tyrion continues to be The Greatest Man In Existence™. The Jon stuff was probably the best of the bunch, but even then it felt very lifeless and dull. The Bran stuff is taking too far a deviation that may have a butterfly effect, and the stuff at Craster's feels a little pointless. We get it, they're villains. Karl was pretty entertaining so I'll give it that though. Also funny to see Ser Pounce was included, but I'm really not liking this new Tommen. I've given it a couple of episodes, and since I still don't like him nor think he fits the characterization properly, I'm gonna toss that one up to a mistake on the show's part getting rid of the old Tommen, who was perfect. And the stuff with the White Walkers.......... mmmk. Very, very weird and random. I don't exactly know how "in-canon" this is for the books. I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of Winds material.

Bryan's dialogue was acceptable, I suppose, but this season is really running on fumes when it comes to the pacing and structure.

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I did not like the changes to Bran. Merging him with Craster's Keep seemed very contrived, far more so than necessary.

Ghost caught in a cage and locked up? Who did that, the Watch? Before the mutiny at Crasters, or the mutineers after? Nah, no reason to before (they don't direwolf-sit), and Karl may be a badass, but Ghost would've taken a chunk out of him. We have a 150lb Giant Alaskan Malamute and she'd have destroyed that cage in seconds, so Ghost wouldn't still be in it. I'm not buying it.

Everyone's getting the CGI budget this year and it's incredible. I agree about the wolves! SO realistic. The way Ghost did the jump-back-and-snarl was perfection. They understand canine body language, and as a canine enthusiast and freelance researcher, that makes me happy.

Yeah, they have the body language down, but apparently have missed some of the more obvious parts of canine behavior. Wolves and malamutes both chew stuff to shreds, are quite powerful, are accomplished at digging and are far too intelligent to stay cooped up for long. Ours probably has her escape artist certificate buried somewhere out in her burrow. Glad they got the CGI budget, am just wishing we could see them do more than hang out looking pretty.

Surely there were other, more interesting ways for Jon to find out Bran is still alive? As it stands, Meera, Hodor, the direwolves and Bran's warging abilities made a very poor showing.

Also, it's too bad that GRRM hasn't felt the need to show us too many Others before now, and has somehow managed to maintain everyone's interest and the suspense. Leave it to tv to lose all subtlety.

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Fantastic episode, the best of the season for me so far.

The only clumsy thing I have a problem with is this casual revelation by Jon that he knows that Bran is alive and North of the wall. It looks like show runners have cut out Sam's oath last season not thinking about it really well and had trouble dealing with this mistake this season and then just took a lazy decision and made Jon tell viewers those lines... This is just not a very good job...

Everything else I enjoyed: all North sequences, Jon/Thorne opposition, mutineers, white walkers, Locke on the wall. Mereen scene left me with that pleasing feeling of non-rushed, thought-out story telling, I actually thought that they maybe need to make more of their scenes longer each episodes like this one. It will cover less characters, yes, but will give us more story about those that we see. Great scene with Marg and Tommen, poor frightened kid, got right into it. I enjoyed Jaime scenes as well, there was actual character development there. I strongly believe that Maclaren is a better director then Graves for GoT. She just has a style for GoT. It's not given that any good director has a style for any material. 2d and 3d episodes this season felt somehow out of the style for me and I'm glad things got back on track.

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Solid 9. The only thing that bogged it down was the long and unfortunately tame sacking of Meereen.

And Dany's pomposity has reached new heights. I like Daenerys, but I wish the writers would stop the worship and get a little darker with that storyline and make things more interesting. Too much Dany-Christ-Savior bullshit going on.

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I'm kind of depressed that the two most (only) interesting characters in Dany's arc, Jorah and Barristan, have no lines and two lines respectively. I loved how Barristan delivered his line about mercy to Dany though. That's the Barristan I love.

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WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL. 9/10 because 10 is reserved for the Baelors and Blackwaters.

The ONLY gripes I have are...

- Why did the slaves write "KILL THE MASTERS" in the Common Tongue?? Unless Grey Worm wrote it?

- Where did Dany get that giant dragon banner?

Everything else was either good or PERFECT.

And how the heck did they get it up there?

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It bored me a bit, that whole northern arc with NW, Bran, Locke, Crasters' Keep... I never found the Wall that interesting in the books, so maybe that's the reason I didn't like it. Only thing I liked about the whole thing was Mormonts' skull. The whole thing just felt very unreal. Still gave it a 7 because I liked the KL, Dany and Sansa scenes, second half was just disappointing. It's sad because I was pumped up after the Meereen, KL and Sansa scenes, but than everything went south when I had to watch 20 minutes of, well, northern lies.

That's what it was, those last 20 minutes were all made-up unnecessary bullshit. Ghost locked? Summer missing? Locke took a speedboat to the Wall? Ugh I'm not gonna list it all, just too much.

Now I don't agree with the whole Dany whitewashing idea, my unsullied friends are already telling me they think she'll be going mad and that's weird because at this point of the books, I still thought she was making perfect sense. I get a very strong feeling of entitlement. The scenes were she looks out over many people, or the one at the top of the pyramid... it is sending a message, but don't blame the show for not putting "MAD" on her forehead when she isn't. She's just entitled, and they show it.

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You StanStan/"Dany r whytewash'd" people are fucking ridiculous. The showrunners include Dany crucifying the slavers (and even acknowledge that it was unnecessarily cruel with the Barristan bit), yet you nitpick and find the most trivial shit to complain about, BECAUSE HURR DURR THERE'S NO WAY I'M GONNA LET D&D BE RIGHT!!! Scene was rushed, it's a conspiracy! Give me a fucking break. Stannis is my favorite non-POV character and I'm no fan of Dany, yet some of you make me feel ashamed of calling myself a StanStan.

I'm just gonna leave the rate (9/10) and forget everything in this thread before I start using the ignore function.

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That would be so COOL!!! :P


I thought the Other on the horse was headed for the Fortress of Solitude.

Lol! The Witch King of Angmar is only allowed if he agrees to bring along his bff Smaug, so that Dany's dragons can have a playdate. They must also invite the Others and that Sith guy from Star Wars to tea after, so they can all compare horns.

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