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[Book Spoilers] End Credit Music

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A GoT podcast I listen to ("A Cast of Kings") had a lively discussion at the end about the closing credit music.

One of the hosts has not read the books and found the closing music after Arya scene to be a little disturbing. He said he felt it to be 'too triumphant' given that he had just seen a little girl transform into a killer. The closing music was the GoT theme and he felt it was just too 'upbeat'.

I would have thought that as this was 'a Stark finally fights back' moment that it was justified.

In the comment someone posted that, the closing music changes during the credits.... I hadn't bothered letting it roll that far on previous watches so I missed it.

Right towards the end, the music changes from the GoT theme... to what is apparently Jaqen H'ghar's theme.

Podcast Link: http://www.slashfilm.com/cast-kings-s4e01-two-swords/

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Eh nice catch. Now I wish they'd had Jaqen's theme right from the start but maybe it would have been too obvious? Nah. It would have been really nice. Good job on your friend finding this was too upbeat. Keep that wise friend around!

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