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[Book spoilers] Jon's path

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I've already posted this in the nitpicking thread, but since no-one else has picked up on it, but it's very important at deserves it's own thread. There are some key differences in Jon's timeline in the book and the current TV series. I'm a little concerned about the nature of his role at Castle Black, given that:

  • He's come back from his journey with the wildlings, but they aren't actually hot on his heels.
  • Therefore there won't be the small battle in Castle Black itself , with the Thenns. In the TV show they are waiting for Mance's attack, rather than trying to be able to just open the gates for him
  • Janos Slynt, Bowen Marsh and the other high officers are already back at Castle Black, given Jon the once over before he has any chance to prove himself in battle, like he does in the books
  • Jon will now have no reason to 'hold the wall' during Mance's attack on the gates, as Donal Noye won't have had that responsibility himself, nor give it to him and then die in the tunnels fighting Mag the Mighty
  • It's this show of leadership IMO that is a key reason Jon is able to be elected to the role of Lorn Commander. Without this experience he's just a lad who went off and killed The Halfhand and hung around with the Wildlings.
  • Therefore Jon's future position as LC will be ridiculous on the basis of the internal narrative causality being played out in the TV show

I think they've butchered the story too much for the sake of added drama and are destroying the internal consistency required to carry on the storyline. Unless of course that storyline isn't very important in the long run, which who can really know.

Do others think he could become LC based on the sequence of events in this episode?

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The fact that the Wildlings attack is delayed in the show will make Jon's story in season 4 quite different.

There's talk that Jon will earn some leading credit by going back to Craster's. I'm sure they'll find a way to make his progression smooth and believable.

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