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[Book & Show Spoilers] "Breaker of Chains" Promo

The Drunkard

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"Stan the Man Baratheon, on 20 Apr 2014 - 10:05 AM, said:

Yeah same. The word infidel was just so wrong."

Oh for f***'s sake, I wish people would just try to stop putting their cultural views on top of a fictional dialogue in a fictional world, but here we go:


"an offensive way of referring to somebody who does not believe in what the speaker considers to be the true religion"

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Stannis is not in the US, he's in Westeros, i. e. a fictional universe, where real-world connotations do not apply. And for all the Stannis lovers out there: he did look positively pissed off and unconvinced when he said it, but it does fit the speech patterns of a religious fanatic like Melisandre, who is pulling the strings at this point (and hopefully won't be anymore once we get to ep. 9).

Move on people.

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