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Character Portal Images

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An artist who had their art used without permission being sought, and even without being credited, brought it to my attention. I promised to remove it from the character portal immediately, but unfortunately its used in several layouts where removing the image rather breaks stuff. I've only removed the character portal bar for now, but am hoping someone here can take care of the rest.

Looking at the history of the layout and images, it seems all the images were put up by Mordin999 as he worked on prettifying the wiki -- and a fine job he's done, too -- but it seems all or most of the images created for the character portal were intended as place holders, and so don't have copyright information.

So for those artistically inclined:

Could someone find an appropriately-credited and appropriately-usable image to replace the Jaime Lannister button image at the portal, replicating as far as possible the style Mordin applied (I'm thinking a mask can be made of that rough edging to do a similar effect)?

Further, if someone wants a crack at making a new portal bar with the same stricture above (credit, etc.), that'd be cool. That's more of an optional thing, though, we can live without it.

On the other hand, the image use is also on the front page, and is trickier to see how to change. If someone wants to take a crack at making a new characters bar image for the front page, that'd be even cooler.

(I'd suggest that as a longer-term artistic project, we should consider creating new image headers, bars, buttons, etc. with clear details about how they're made somewhere, so that future editors can exactly match things like fonts, font weights, image effects, etc.

Until then, going through all the character portal buttons and applying appropriate accreditation and perhaps even looking into usage permission would be good. And, you know, replacing images of show characters in the buttons with actual depictions of the characters from the novels would be nice, too. Again, these were all intended as place holders, and that was 2 years ago -- so we really should make more of an effort to sort it out.)

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Re: Jaime imagens, artist provided permission so I think I got crests in on them.

I Will look into that, Scafloc

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