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After Conquest?

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So the new excerpt from World of Ice and Fire shows that the correct naming of the years of Before Conquest (BC) and After Conquest (AC). Until now, on the wiki, After Landing (AL) has been used.

The maesters of the Citadel who keep the histories of Westeros have used Aegon’s Conquest as their touchstone for the past three hundred years. Birth, deaths, battles, and other events are dated either AC (After the Conquest) or BC (Before the Conquest).

Since AL and AC have been used interchangeably until now, but the term AC sounds to be much more factually correct than AL, I was wondering if it's an idea to start changing AL into AC.

The way I've seen it on the wiki, there are 2 pages referring to the years. One page refers to all the years Before Conquest (BC). This term is factually correct.

The page "Years after Aegon's Landing" is the second page. From here, all the dates are listed from the moment of Aegon I's coronation in Oldtown, at the end of his Conquest. However, Aegon's actual Landing took place 2 years before, at the beginning of his Conquest, in 2BC.

The page "Years after Aegon's Landing" is made into a template {{ Date|# }} (without the " "; #=number of year). In this template, the term AL can easily be changed into AC, thus turning all those AL's on the wiki pages that have been placed with this template into AC's. Most of the years are made by the template, and those that aren't, are slowly being replaced by this template.

On the page "Years after Aegon's Landing", then, all the "Landing"s should be replaced by "Conquest"s, so it will read "Years after Aegon's Conquest".

This should also happen with the page title (the first thing that then should be changed).

So my question is, should this change from AL to AC be made?

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If one name is canon and more factually correct, then yes.

I'm not sure how scriptbots work but maybe someone more knowledgable could help you out with one, rather than you having to make all the changes by hand.

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