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[Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion


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I just can't believe that they thought that a completely unnecessary, gratuitous rape scene would add anything worth its while. I just watched the behind the scene video and one of D&D was saying how this scene was deeply uncomfortable to shoot. Well, no shit. Rape is such an ugly thing, always, and I won't be sad if it hurts the ratings.

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Liked this episode overall. Second fave for this season after the first one.

Fave parts:

Maisie. No other actress on this show matches her.

Arya's quick thinking and bringing the other side of her family into play.

Arya's smiles at the little girl.

Arya and the Hound trying to get through the prayer whilst starving.

Arya trying to concentrate on eating whilst her host is discussing the Red Wedding and the Freys.

Arya yelling at the Hound. He deserved it.

Tommen. All of Tommen. I like this actor.

Tommen and Jaime moment.

Tyrion and Pod

Jon Snow

Sam and Gilly before they left for Moletown.

Dontos. I'll miss you. Better than most of the characters still alive.

Jack Gleeson - props to you for lying there through both scenes.

No one is to leave the capital - are you sure Tywin?

Good Scenes

Actually made sense for Tyrion not to think Sansa is involved unlike the books - if Sansa had that sort of gumption she would have killed the King when she was actually in danger of marrying him. He is right too. Her leaving does not help him at all.

Liked the Tywin/Oberyn scene but another orgy - really this is just OTT.

Olenna making sense as always. Shut up Margary. You could have actually had to have sex with that psycho douchebag.


Jaime/cersei - I don't even want to go into it.

The Hound - my God. If you are going to be an ass, at least be a funny one. I hope Arya Pollivers him.

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You think Aiden Gillen, after being in the last Batman movie, saw Bale's performance and thought "Aha! Thats what Littlefinger needs!"? LOL

LF is a Faceless Man. He talks in his normal voice when using his real face, just like batman talks in a normal voice when he's not batman.

I loved how basically right after Slynt calls Gilly a whore he takes her to a Whore House.

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in between Season 3 Stannis and now , I seriously do NOT understand the choices they're making as far as his story arch. it would have been pretty simple to do it right with a MUCH better pay-off in the end ,, but ... the arch they're choosing is lazy and makes very little sense... only redeeming part of his arch is Shireen. She is GREAT

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So was anyone else getting the vibe that Tywin sanctioned the Joffrey hit besides me? Or is that silly?

They even had Tyrion think about it.

And seeing as there's an entire theory that he was in on it, I wouldn't find it entirely implausible.

But more likely he wasn't part of the assassination, but saw the benefits of dead Joffrey and approved.

Can't figure the Orys I thing. If they meant to say "Aerys I", maybe there are rumors that he was offed by Maekar? (Rumors he was offed by Bloodraven might work too, but Bloodraven was his uncle...)

Maybe Orys is the missing Targ king ruling between Jaehaerys I and Viserys I? It's the only place he'd fit in, unless he ruled for only a couple days and was killed by one of the kings already on the list and so no one counts him or something.

(Can't imagine Orys Baratheon actually ruled, and can't imagine Aegon I killing him either.)

I think Orys was a pre-Targ king. Made up for the show.

He did say Orys the First.

Also, they've changed the Targ tree before. Jaehaerys II has been removed, with Aerys II being the son of Aegon V.

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It's just a broken necklace, who in the world other than Olenna knows or would even suspect it as the murder weapon?

True, it won't implicate him, but you'd think a man as smart as Littlefinger would dispose the necklace better than leaving it somewhere it could be found.

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I hope we get a scene of Oberyn and Ellaria doing it doggy style while he monologues about his memories of his sister Elia.

While Olyvar is going at him from behind. Yeah, somehow I won't be surprised if we see that.

Does Oberyn ever eat? Or do other things?

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I did find it odd that S4 Tywin suddenly believes in the rumours of Dany and her three dragons when he was so damned certain before that it was all malarkey....

I found it odd as well, but I think he's simply flattering Dorne and using Dany as an excuse to get him on his side.

Were he seriously concerned about her, I think he'd take precautions.

Book Pod's never really in any danger. Seems to totally miss Cersei and Tywin's radar.

I think they put Pod in danger so that he has a better reason to leave KL and go with Brienne.

BTW who would've wanted Pod to testify against Tyrion?

Olenna, Littlefinger, Cersei or Tywin?

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Bran is almost out of material until WoW shit. Seriously. They need to pad him out a little bit and throwing in an extra plot line wouldnt hurt too much.

Id be ok with that.

I think they are going to add some filler to his arc, involving Craster's wives.

I'm kind of disappointed that Oberyn never kissed Olyvar. Step up, man!

Weren't the two of them smooching before Ellaria kisses Olyvar and says he never acquired the taste of women?

So does this episode showing Margaery actively mourning Joffrey's death and that she still isn't the queen prove that she wasn't in on the poisoning with QoT as some suggested might have been the case in the books?

She wasn't exactly mourning him. Just noting that her husbands keep dying, and expressing regret for not being queen yet.

I'm pretty sure she was in on the poisoning.

In the previous episode, there's a moment when before Joffrey has the last drink from the goblet, he hands it to Marge.

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