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[Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion


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I think Alys' plot is over and even the Thenns aren't gonna be around next season. They're not essential.

Even Ser Kevan is being neglected so far. I think he'll show up only in season 5 or maybe 6.

Yeah, her plot wasn't even important anyway so it's no big deal

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True, it won't implicate him, but you'd think a man as smart as Littlefinger would dispose the necklace better than leaving it somewhere it could be found.

Why... when they find Dontos floating around and someone comes along and connects the necklace to Sansa LF will only have more to hold over her.. her connection to the poisoning is the prime tool Littlefinger has to control Sansa.. why not make that connection even stronger..

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I hope they give Ellaria a bigger role. That actress is being wasted in brothel scenes. Perhaps she will take over the Taena Merryweather role and be the one to play Cersei? If so, her bisexuality would have some actual plot value...

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She wasn't exactly mourning him. Just noting that her husbands keep dying, and expressing regret for not being queen yet.

I'm pretty sure she was in on the poisoning.

In the previous episode, there's a moment when before Joffrey has the last drink from the goblet, he hands it to Marge.

In that case, if Margaery is in on it, and we know that QoT is involved (from the books atleast), a conversation involving Margaery and QoT in private is not going to include Margaery lament the fact that she might not be queen etc. Unless in the show they want to point the responsibility of the poisoning purely on Margaery, making QoT innocent.

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Loves, hates and thoughts:


Anything with Tywin, Lena's acting while he was berating Joff and slowly taking Tommen away.

Arya and the Hound of course, including the way they were eating the stew


Daario and the nice recap of how Danys feels about her different companions. Plus the Valyrian

Jon Snow and all the posturing at the Night's Watch. If we're going to have Thorne there we still need to establish snow's leadership somehow.

Tyrion and Pod


The Jamie-Cersei scene. It was supposed to one of grief and desperation after both of their worlds have been ripped apart. It was gross and horrible and painful and sad. This felt weird to me especially since we had the scenes earlier where it was very clear she had been rebuffing him. I believe the writers when they say they didn't think it was rape but still it seemed a weird way to present it. I viewed it as Jamie trying to comfort Cersei in an albeit inappropriate way, and her resisting mildly before consenting. I just don't think it was well shot at the very least.

Littlefinger: he's always been a slimy character but the way he's acting now is just over the top. So either this is his natural behavior which I really don't want to see. My original hypothesis was that he was struggling to keep his accent under control while whispering but that seems much more fanwanky than true. Again, the dynamic between little finger and Sansa has been protector/mentor, not creepy uncle squirreling you away in the night. He is teaching her about navigating the realm when you are not strong or brave. That's the lesson of killing Dontos. It just felt weird, but again, I blame it on weird choices of both actor and director.


Still like this Daario way better than old Daario and stand by my projected character merge

The Hound breaking his "code" don't think he did. He didn't steal from the brotherhood because they weren't "dead men". like he viewed this man and his daughter. Also, I feel like it's a reminder, as someone said earlier, the world is hard even without Joffrey and just cause he's dead doesn't mean people are better.

The writers may not have believed that the Jaime/Cersei sex was rape, but it certainly looked and sounded like rape to me, what with Cersei saying 'no', 'it's not right', and 'don't' and Jaime saying 'I don't care'.

Loved the Shireen and Davos scene. Gets me hoping more than ever that the two characters survive the series and that Shireen at least gets to be Lady of Dragonstone (or Storm's End or even Queen).

Creepin' Littlefinger indeed, practically breathing down Sansa's neck.

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Maybe its me being influenced by the books, I guess I have to rewatch the scene to be sure, but I thought Cerseis protests were faux.

I think she was kind of into it until she saw the stump and then she mimed an EEK and changed her mind. Still, no means no.

Since Jaime hasn't been seen to hit bottom yet maybe this is it though if D&D say it wasn't meant to be rape maybe not.

After the second watching this ep did have moments, mainly in dialogue.

Continuing from last week Tywin's torso hovering in the air at the wedding was disorienting.

As for the Hound and food, anyone who's seen Survivor knows the big men can't live on rice or crushed acorns.

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Wow, that Tywin lecture to Tommen was just embarrassing. he was speaking to him as if Tommen is 7 year old or just retarded.

Really? A back and forth discussion teaching him to reason things out is treating him like he's mentally handicapped? Most adults should speak to each other this way, you know as a productive discourse. (btw isn't the r-word considered quite offensive?)

Terrible infodumping too, this show is subtle as a sledgehammer way too often.

What important info was dumped that required being more subtle?

St. Tyrion strikes again. That scene with Pod...just give him the halo already. Sheesh...

Well I thought that scene made Pod look good, which he deserves.

To be frank, at this point they seem to be full-blown gay, the both of them (except for each other).

Now Ellaria did try to get some from Olyvar but was denied.

Which Oly better thank the seven that LF is out of town and not watching through some peephole, even Ros was not allowed to pick and choose and show preferences.... Oly even tried to deny Oberyn at first, who does this whore think he is? Some people *shakes head* LF would def sell him to some torturing murderer if he knew.

(Yes I know it seems that Olyvar is running things, and like Ros ended up being was not expected to whore themselves out, but the young man did place himself in the middle of an orgy that I'm sure he was being well paid for and I don't think LF would be pleased he snubbed Ellaria like that.)

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The writers may not have believed that the Jaime/Cersei sex was rape, but it certainly looked and sounded like rape to me, what with Cersei saying 'no', 'it's not right', and 'don't' and Jaime saying 'I don't care'.

Exactly, There was not flip, like in the book, that indicated the Cersei was definitely on-board. Obviously the writers did not attend the session about lack of a no not equaling consent.

Also, I just feel the scene is going to change how everyone views their actions after this and I will burn everything to the ground if this somehow becomes what people frame as the trigger for Cersei's complete collapse into paranoid revenge mode.

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