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[Book Spoilers] Gilly in Mole Town

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The whole thing about if it's safe or not to be stuck in a brothel depends on which terms you end up in there.

Jeyne Poole was forced into a brothel and trained against her will. We can assume she was forced to work as a prostitute. Not safe for her.

Arya stayed at the Peach, and even while at a certain moment she is taken for a prostitute, Gendry comes to her "rescue". We can assume that the brotherhood would have reacted if she had been forced into a sexual situtation, or if her safety were in serious jeopardy. At least we are sure no Lannisters were going to seize her in there. Safe in a way.

Catelyn stayed at LittleFinger's brothel, and it was supposed to be the safest place for her at KL. She suffered no slight nor harm. For Catelyn, in her situation, in that particular moment, it was safe.

Gilly, on the other hand, is not welcome in that brothel, even if she arrives with the promise of working as a servant girl and a baby sitter. She is mistrusted for being considered a wildling. I don't think any patron would bother with her, but I do think she might be bullied by the brothel people, just because she is a wildling.

But I think the point is that the REAL danger doesn't come from the brothel itself, but from those wicked wildlings that are renowned for being raiders, rapers and killers. And they just happened to be South the Wall, heading in the general direction of the village.

Sam knows that, and that makes it a poor decision from him to consider that the chance of being molested/raped by any of the hundred brothers (that so far nothing actually has happened) is more dangerous than to place her in a possible target of a wildling attack.

So, safe? Not at all. But not because of the brothel, that in any other situation might have been a viable option, but for the imminent attack of a wildling party with cannibals among them.

I trust HBO twists, and generally I enjoy them, but this was an unnecessary change of plot. Let's hope these wasted scenes are leading to something important in the future.

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Even if Sam didn't know about the imminence of the wildling attack when he sent Gilly to Mole Town, he still should have foreseen this!

The whole point is that Castle Black is a place where Sam believes that the NW cannot control their urges, that's why women aren't there. She is the only female there so would be in constant danger of some guy not being able to keep it in his pants and a source of constant temptation for guys who have had to curb their natural instinct and of whom many have had no issues raping women in the past. He can't keep his eye on her 24 hours a day and he doesn't believe himself strong-willed or physically intimidating enough to fend off any advances.

No offence to Gilly, but the NW aren't eyeing her up because they find her super attractive and would want to seek her out, it's because she's the only freaking woman there and therefore she becomes especially tempting.

Mole's Town is far from ideal but it is filled with women who are willing to have sex with any men that come there so in theory, she's going to be somewhat protected because of this. It's not ideal, but Sam doesn't really have much in the way of options.

At the end of the day, it's not a great decision because of the imminent threat of the Wildlings but John Bradley admits that Sam making this bad decision is by design because they want to demonstrate that he still has issues with his cowardice and self-loathing.

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I'd guess no, not if they're going to keep up this infantile flirting thing. Sam to the rescue (again) for a little stammering and eyelid batting. I hope she tells him to f himself and returns to the Wall and boards herself up in a castle room, where she belongs. Edd is there to protect her now.

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Mole's town is goanna get sacked by the Free Folk in ASOFS maybe then Jon and Sam could save Gilly before the Free Folk destroy Mole's town.

None can leave Castle Black, those are the orders (save, of course, for the raid on Crasters, which was authorized)
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