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[NO SPOILERS] "Positive Nitpicking" - What you loved about the episode [NO SPOILERS]


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Oh good gods, where do I begin? Maybe I should do this geographically:

at the Wall:

- Jon giving a really good reason for going to Craster's

- Thorne being a reasonable jerk

- Sam once again showing that he is one of the nicest people in Westeros

- "Sam the Slayer"

- Pyp's "I don't think I can kill a hundred wildlings" XD

in the Riverlands:

- Arya calling Sandor her father *lol*

- Sandor finishing the prayer *rofl*

- Sandor asking Arya just how many Starks have to lose their heads before she accepts the world as it truly is

on Dragonstone:

- Stannis reminding viewers of the leeches and his ultimate goal of sitting the IT

- Davos being the only sane man (again), by admitting that while Melisandre's magic might work, soldiers win wars

- Shireen channeling her father

in King's Landing:

- Tywin's interactions with both Oberyn and Tommen

- Cersei's callback to Tyrion's threat

- Pod smuggling food and candles + ink + paper into Tyrion's cell (and Tyrion's incredulous look of "where did he hide that stuff")

- Pod's undying loyalty and Tyrion's reaction to it

near King's Landing:

- Baelish and all his dialogue, a lot of which was taken almost directly from the books

- Sansa realizing that Baelish meant it when he said that "they are all liars" and - judging from her looks - the realization that that includes Baelish as well

in Essos:

- Dany's speech

- Dary pwning Meereen's champion

- Meereen looks amazing

- and last but not least: Missandei being completely embarrassed by what she has to interpret (which I, being an interpreter myself) can relate to

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1) Tywin and Tommen at the Great Sept. I'm liking the new Tommen. The thought of getting "the Talk" from someone like Tywin is both horrifying and awesome.

2) Tywin and Oberyn.

Gods dammit, I'm going to miss those two sons of bitches.

3) Daario's pissing contest with the champion of Meereen.

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Davos and Shireen always make me happy. They have one of the sweetest dynamics in the show.

I'm really enjoying the Wall storyline this season, especially Jon's part, which is interesting because I didn't care about that story at all in the books at this point. I'm also liking Sam and Gilly.

Tywin and Tommen was fantastic. I could listen to Charles Dance for hours on end. Seeing Tywin imparting necessary wisdom to Tommen to start preparing him to be a better king made me inexplicably happy.

Pod. Ser Podrick Payne does have a ring to it, but the boy is loyal to a fault. Bless.

Dany's speech and the catapulting of the broken chains into Mereen. Very well done.

I also am really enjoying Oberyn and Ellaria. I might be one of the few who truly enjoyed it, but the bit about bisexuality was quite well worded. I feel you Oberyn, why deny yourself half the possible pleasure of the world? Hooray for bisexual representation in one of the most badass characters in this 'verse (in my opinion).

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1. Adored the barrels of chains being catapulted on Meereen.

2. Tywin's pop quiz with Tommen... Great scene

3. Sophie Turner looking amazing in this episode... Those several minutes she appeared were OK, but she truly looked beautiful tonight.

4. Daario "expendable" Naharis LOL...

5. Shireen... Sweet child...

Seriously?, I know you love Sansa, but she only appeared wearing a cloak and in heavy fog for like 2 minutes, in those conditions they could have used an extra and nobody would have notice it.

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Tywin and Tommen scene wins this episode for me.

There was so much going on there. It shows how 'on top of things' Tywin really is, and that while Tommen is young and innocent, he is not an idiot. It was also a slap in the face to Cersei and demonstrated how seriously out of touch she is. When she started to protest, Tywin gave no reaction and just ignored her because he was speaking with the most important person in the room and Cersei knew it. The walk out at the end was Tywin 'breaking the chains' Cersei thought she had on Tommen.

That scene was just absolutely delicious.

2nd was Tyrion and Pod

It conveyed a massive amount of information in a very efficient way. It was also paced extremely well paced - first loyal Pod arrives with gifts, then the bad news starts to leak out - and gradually builds until Pod reveals he had been asked to betray Tyrion. The climax was 'This is goodbye Pod'. Its just unfortunate it was overshadowed by the scene above

3rd Tywin and Oberyn.

It clearly demonstrated what a political genius Tywin is and again, exactly how on top of affairs he is as well. Perhaps even more importantly it showed how shrewd Oberyn is as well - so much more than a killer with a rampant libido and an incredibly deep character.

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How could I forget Shireen in my episode wrap up? She was fantastic as was Davos.

Stannis was good too. He is right with what he is saying. He's just not a people person so doesn't know how to express it. Man, I sound like a Stannis fangirl (sorry)

All of Arya's scenes. She was on point with all 3 characters she interacted with this week.

Pod seriously looks like Gendry's long lost brother.

I really enjoyed the actor who played Dontos. I'm sorry he's gone.

Top 5 performances

Maisie Williams

Charles Dance

Lena Headey


Kid who plays Tommen

Special mention to Kit Harrington who sounds so much more authoritative this year.

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Edd, half-dead stumbling in (to Jon): "Thought you'd have a couple of wives by now." Gold.

Was that what he said?! I had no idea the first time, and with a quick rewind I thought he said "I thought you'd have blue eyes by now" (i.e. be a wight). Both lines work, but "blue eyes" sounds more dolorous.

Like many others, I loved Tywin/Tommen. I wonder if this was being set up, long ago, with Tywin/Arya? If not for those Arya scenes, this side of Tywin would have seemed out of nowhere.

Tyrion was excellent, but I thought Pod was even better in the jail scene. Well done.

Ygritte being terrible. I think I liked this, although I'm still not sure. Loved the way the little boy gave her a good long stare. I definitely like how the Wildlings have become more of a danger.

I'm guessing we've been introduced to the archer who will kill Ygritte?

The little looks on Margaery's face as she wonders just what nana's been up to.

Davos and Shireen together. Love the way they play off each other.

Alliser Throne is fantastic.

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Seriously?, I know you love Sansa, but she only appeared wearing a cloak and in heavy fog for like 2 minutes, in those conditions they could have used an extra and nobody would have notice it.

I just think she looked beautiful. There is that screenshot when she turns... Turner is a beautiful girl, that's all.

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Tywin and Tommen were awesome.

I liked Jaime's little nod to Tommen that he is caring for him.

Davos and Shireen

Sansa and Littlefinger

I feel a strange affection to Hizdar zo Loraq. :'D I've got the hope that this storyline might be more appealing than its book-counterpart.

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I really like Shireen. I like that she's not just a creepy and sad part of Stannis' creepy and sad entourage. She is smart and can see how messed up her life is, but she stubbornly builds her own happiness from very little and lives the best life she can. I am really interested in how she'll grow up.

I was angry with Ygritte, and I think that was good. She is a raider. She's also an intelligent person making a rational choice for the survival of her people, but she's fierce and it was good to see that.

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