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Huge Book Spoilers: The Golden Company? WTF?

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We really have gone off topic here, anyways think a lot of guys have been right on the money

Dorne: I'm really starting to believe that Quentyn may actually get cast (felt at first he would miss the cut) as feel that the unsullied will really feel for the guy going all that way to try get Dany to marry him, and also try to impress his father buy trying to get a dragon only to get BBQ-ed. Doran will probably only be in 2 episodes in the begining. And Arianne's plot maybe shown towards the end s5, of rumors that his nephew is alive. Don't know how they are going to include all of this and still have the Myrcella queen plot, just dont see it making the cut

KL: I feel even though the HS is going to have an increasing role in the book, I feel as if he isn't going to make the cut, and a lot of his role may go to Pycelle. I feel in Lancel Lannister may be the one that confesses that he slept with Cersei and takes the role as one of the Kettlebacks, except is forgiven by joining The Faith.

Iron Islands: I think we will see Euron and Vic, but really don't know what is happening with Yara/Asha. I don't think we will see much of a KM, except the fear of Euron being on the Seastone Chair, and no one really wants him on Vic will probably be combined with Aeron and have a closer relationship with Asha. So probably will see Euron and Vic in the beginning, and Euron's plan. And see Vic at the end of the series near Meeren or already involved in the Battle of Slavers Bay.

Aegon: We will see him in the beginning 4 or 5 episodes, and then in episode 10, with his army landing in sight of SE

The rest I think Khal-a-bunga summed it up pretty well

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